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FragDeluxe is a gaming community currently based on Counter-Strike Global Offensive. We as a community aim to provide some of the best gameservers around for our players.

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    Who are we? FragDeluxe is a gaming community currently based on Counter-Strike Global Offensive. We as a community aim to provide some of the best gameservers around for our players. What do we offer? Not only are our gameservers are fully dedicated and setup by ourselves, our staff also consists of server plugin developers which allows us to provide you with a unique experience you wont find anywhere else. CS:GO Gameservers We have a variety of servers for you to play on- 14v14 Community servers- 5v5 Competitive servers- FFA Deathmatch servers- Pistol DM servers You can see a full list of our servers by clicking here! [www.fragdeluxe.com]Discord Click here to join our Discord server [discord.gg]Teamspeak (32 slots) IP: play2.fragdeluxe.com





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    •     Spot on, hope the owners take the feedback seriously cos the server is populated for like 10 minutes every evening now.  Adverts have to be top of the list of why players dont play here anymore, the skin pluggin is prop what gets the kids in looking at skins they can never get but it gets the players on the server. 
    • This is what I do it for
    • Yea, the truth needs to be told.  the ads need to go. it's not a great gaming experience having shitt po-up every time you die... or having to turn down web-helper cause the ads will ear rape you. It can be on your website, but it shouldn't hurt your players performance in any way.  before people come with "servers are not free" here's the thing, hosting a server has ALWAYS been a hobby, a hobby cost money. if you want some bucks to support the server, rely on the vip and monthly donations. (make a donation rank or something.) The ads/bad performance is the only reason I never play on FD anymore and not renewing my vip subscription. Not because it affected me too much really, but it affected everyone I enjoyed playing with, and if said people don't enjoy it, then how could I?   Ads should go, team balance should become stronger, map shouldn't be playable until a rotation of atleast 3-4 other maps and please for the love of god, realize that the skin plugin has a negative effect on alot of players fps. 
    • You can't make everyone happy but it seems a lot of us are on the same page with what needs to be addressed and how to address it, and getting community feedback is super helpful. The teambalance and points system definitely needs an overhaul to really make the skill gap less between teams, because on both sides of a stomp it's really not fun to play, and it's happening more or less every map recently. It's boring to be on a team that's winning every round with no challenge and it's boring to play in a team that is getting steamrolled, so I feel that contributes to the decreased playerbase, which is what makes FD so great imo, even though we've got some drama queens and peeps with their own beef with each other, we're just a bunch of cool nerds playing together and havin fun.  (I've had 2 beers and a long night of work so shh)
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