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  1. Server Pop

    You can't make everyone happy but it seems a lot of us are on the same page with what needs to be addressed and how to address it, and getting community feedback is super helpful. The teambalance and points system definitely needs an overhaul to really make the skill gap less between teams, because on both sides of a stomp it's really not fun to play, and it's happening more or less every map recently. It's boring to be on a team that's winning every round with no challenge and it's boring to play in a team that is getting steamrolled, so I feel that contributes to the decreased playerbase, which is what makes FD so great imo, even though we've got some drama queens and peeps with their own beef with each other, we're just a bunch of cool nerds playing together and havin fun. (I've had 2 beers and a long night of work so shh)
  2. Server Pop

    The biggest issue is probably the ads, that really fucks with peoples experience and new players aren't gonna stick around for it and the older players won't either - but then the issue is how do you keep the server running. People moan about FPS but a lot of the time it's due to their PC just not being up to task, especially with the skins plugin and 20+ player models in the server. But essentially the ads should be less intrusive to players. I also feel like playing the same 3 maps over and over is so fucking boring and once you've played about an hour or so it's not a lot of fun, back in the day you'd see Overpass and Cobble, even the odd bit of Train, but now as soon as someone votes for Mirage/Cache/Dust2 everyone else follows like sheep and every other map gets like, 1 or 2 votes. OT in community is hell too, but now I'm just nit picking random complaints.
  3. Skrrt Skrrt's Punishment Appeal

  4. Bye bye Melon.

  5. DM #1 is the only populated DM server

    For FPS issues it's helpful to bind "r_cleardecals" to something and just use that everytime you die/blood gets annoying. Also the server decides to drop frames for some reason after 30mins or so so just reconnect.
  6. Yeah we've been thinking about doing something like this for a while, I think it's a great idea. Just need to actually put it into action really. Also like the idea of streaming it, I'd happily be a sick caster & analyst of FD plays™, though observing would be a pain in the ass and auto director is terrible. Scheduling is a big problem though, I suppose it could be done best with a week period to play matches when it best suits each team, and then go to knockouts or whatever format this shit would run in. War Mod seems pretty perfect for everything suggested, even recording and saving a GOTV demo, and is as simple as adding a plugin to SM, and we have plenty of 5v5 servers that could be used.
  7. 9/11 was an inside job

    My suggestion is to ban clickbaity titles.
  8. Pistol HS-DM + More FFA DM Servers

    Don't really think every gun should have HS potential, could just run around and MAC10 someone instantly while holding W which is kinda dumb and doesn't help anyone improve. Surely you can just keep it so only shots to the head do damage so M4/Galil etc will still take 2 shots and pistols also. Edit: nvm it's only for pistols, I can't read.
  9. Take 2 slots off the #1 FFA DM Server

    But spawn protection dad
  10. Take 2 slots off the #1 FFA DM Server

    +1 for nofsy, and also making 1 of the 2 HS only or even a pistol only DM would be cool. Don't really care about points or k/d because I'm in a DM but jfc the amount of retard AWPs or just general random hs when I spawn gets frustrating.
  11. Report of "Dv8" STEAM_0:1:35951352

    Foxes was sitting doing nothing outside main and tspawn while the team tried to take B, claiming that this one guy rushed spawn and he continued to 'save the team' by holding him and sitting in a corner with low hp in a 4vs1. I wasn't feeling particularly patient and with other teammates wondering wtf he was doing i slapped him into the open, which really was just speeding up his inevitable death (this was 2nd round after losing pistol, he had a p250 vs 4 CTs, bomb not in a recoverable position, simply not gonna win the round). I did ask in voice chat what he was doing multiple times, but no reply. He said he had voice enable 0, which after the fact is understandable. However this is besides the point as the reaction to this and the reaction of his little crew was way out of control as we can see by the fact it's even got this far lol. Here is the initial reaction from Foxes after event, calling me a retard and then teamflashing not just me but the whole team not once but twice in T spawn, which everyone complained about. So I banned him for 30 minutes so he'd see some sense but this clearly did more harm than good as he continuted to argue for /longer/ than the length of his ban. Just a small part of the reaction, including Megadeth (who I have 0 problem with and just came on the server after the event to blow things further out of proportion), calling me out, and as we can see, Babyface confirms he was in spawn with a p250 all round, and roz confirms Megadeth wasn't there (could be mocking me, not sure). Foordy then takes the high and mighty and calls me a shit mod, for which I muted for 10 mins. Here is the actual video which Foxes tried to post, which pretty much confirms my side of the story, as he hasn't moved from T spawn while the team goes to B. Even talking in a TS with voice_enable 0, which there is nothing wrong with but if you can talk in a TS while playing why can't you talk to people you're actually playing with? I was also even asked if foxes was joking about this appeal, but apparently Trump being president isn't the dumbest thing of the year. I also repeatedly asked him to calm down in chatbox and received no help from any other admin in trying to do so, while they were online and saw me being called various names and dealing with it myself. Anyway, this is the sort of reaction I'd have to deal with from a 10 year old and try and give them a life lesson, not to a fully grown adult.
  12. introduction of a real g

    Confirmed virgin.
  13. High skill Server

    Pretty pointless to implement imo, if people want to play high skilled games they can play on FaceIT/ESEA, the servers we have are for more relaxed and a learning environment as is.
  14. Timmay's Punishment Appeal

    Been pretty busy with work etc. recently and didn't originally see this. A few other players were asking me to be weary of you and after watching multiple times some of the info you had was beyond what you claimed that your teammates called. Alas I only really have anecdotal evidence and nothing concrete so an unban would be justified (although originally it should only have been 6 hours, not sure if someone else extended that or something).