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  1. Server #2 changed into 10v10 3 awplimit

    Server#1 Is only a 13v13 server. There would be little advantage to creating a 10v10 baring in mind it won't be exclusive to you or anybody else. There would be just as many "russian/french squeeker(s)" as there is on Server#1. There would be little or no disparity between server # 1/2 and I can imagine the only thing that would come of it is a rift where all the regulars occupy one server and all new comers occupy another.
  2. Server #2 changed into 10v10 3 awplimit

    Strawpoll up on the main page of the forum asking what Server #2 should be? 1v110v10DM8v8 ??
  3. Community Efforts

    - Real life footage of SM9 and Triple taken just last week... AND Shoutout to @SM9 for attending a seminar and asking vital questions about server requirements
  4. About FragDeluxe

    If a mod swore at me prior to me being "Toxic" (As you put it?) I'd fully understand and I'd get on with my life. I wouldn't then scour forums looking to create drama by asking staff for apologies. You did something wrong, you received punishment both socially and professionally. You can't now turn to them and exclaim that you'll continue to create toxicity in the servers if you don't receive what you want (An apology). If you want something like that, lead by example and in time, if staff involved feel they judged you wrong (As in - You aren't just being toxic / a nuisance) then they'll surely apologize and you'll have received what you want.
  5. About FragDeluxe

    Perhaps try being happy with the situation you're currently in and stop digging for more drama?
  6. FragDeluxe Expansion

    I have no idea if this is a topic already posted / discussed about but has there ever been the consideration of FragDeluxe maybe expanding to other game titles such as League of Legends or DoTA in the future? I appreciate here that there wouldn't be any involvement with the current set-up that FragDeluxe offers with servers and event creation in regards to CS:GO but maybe to update the community in a way that expands the horizon and offers alternate games for existing members to represent the community within. I personally know I wouldn't mind the idea of a FragDeluxe League Of Legends team etc.
  7. Dedicated webpage for staff members

    I believe a dedicated page with biographies (links to each staff members introductions?) and maybe some other relevant information would make sense and be more user friendly. Additionally, I think a more detailed explanation of staff members roles could be posted here and any updates to staff roster changes can be edited more promptly and efficiently.
  8. You're a wizard harry

    "I'M A WHAT?" "You're a wizard Harry"
  9. Looking around at the current webpage, I can't seem to find any information regarding who all of the FragDeluxe staff members are and what their roles are within the community. With that said I think it'd be lovely to see something like this being implemented, so that new clients who visit the website can easily navigate to somewhere that outlines the mentioned topic. " Shit twat fuck "
  10. Ayy Lmao - HeZeus Introduction

    I can sort you out fam.
  11. *Tips Fedora* Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to any of you who've taken the time to check out this little introduction of mine. I want to first of all thank you for devoting the next few minutes to reading the tripe that is my life story and with that said, I think we're ready to start. My name (in full) is Thai Chandler Bevan and despite popular belief of those who initially hear my first name, I am not Asian, Taiwanese or of any descent to any Oriental heritage. I am in fact, a pasty white 6ft 3" ginger male(?), from a quiet town in Herefordshire (UK) where I'm currently studying a college course that will set me up for University, where I hope to study software engineering. In the mean time whilst studying, I'm also working Part-Time in a popular restaurant chain called Nando's as a host/waiter, so for those of you in the UK who want some dank Nando's ideas, hit me up. Continuing on, my middle name 'Chandler' is actually, to a lot of peoples surprise, a direct reference to Chandler from Friends, and this was due to a family-wide obsession with the show when I was a young boy... And speaking of young boys, I was born in 1997 on the 25th of February and for those of you who can't be asked to work out my age, I'm 18 years old. I started to first show interest in vidya games when I was a young little fedora-fag (minus the fedora) who took interest in the pretty colours and socially crippling experiences that games like Grand Theft Auto (Original title), 007 Golden Eye and Spyro for the PlayStation One provided. From there on, I knew that if I grew my hair long, spent a lot of time indoors and listened to Metal music I'd have Women and friends flocking to me alike just because of how blatantly individual and awesome I was... Boy was I wrong. Since then, I've steadily indoctrinated myself back into society and it took me until the age of 16 to realize that maybe I should cut my waste-man hair and invest in some hair styling gum and deodorant. Now I stand before you a confident ginger f*ck-boy with a positive attitude towards most things - Even the creation of this sh*t-post introduction. Now for those of you who've had the (dis)pleasure of meeting me in the server, you will probably know by now that I'm 100% devoted to the ideals that a game should be about having fun, relaxing and chatting utter sh*t to absolutely everyone (apologies Ethanol, you are actually beautiful in my book) for the sake of snatching some cheap banter-laughs and connoting a moderately chilled out environment. I can, however, be serious from time to time and when I am, I've been told I'm amazingly okay'ish at playing Counter Strike. Reaching Global is one of my achievements and absolutely destroying Frost at everything he does is amongst my favourite accolades. There's not a lot more to be said about myself in game, as I'm sure you have all already created your own opinions about me and that's absolutely fine, you can ask any of my ex-girlfriends, me and the word disappointment typically come hand-in-hand. So thank you all for reading and apologies about it being so long (I used SM9's as a length template ). I hope you all enjoyed the read and appreciate the intense effort that's gone into this with me trying to make you people love me " fuck, shit and twat "
  12. Welcome to the forums HeZeus :)