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  1. General server improvements

    These improvements with the upcoming improvement of ffa deathmatch in warmup with random spawn points are going to be so great
  2. norskenlegacy's Punishment Appeal

    i thought you were a changed man
  3. nice's Punishment Appeal

    Why are you stressing your mum more by giving her more bills to pay
  4. nice's Punishment Appeal

    His mum pays for his bills guys
  5. berry's Punishment Appeal

    Alright then, I'll be nice too, have a nice day
  6. berry's Punishment Appeal

    Since when were we bros?
  7. berry's Punishment Appeal

    Bye now, I'm not wasting any more time.
  8. berry's Punishment Appeal

    No problem
  9. berry's Punishment Appeal

    I said I can tell between a cheater and a legit player, in this case, I see a cheater, and you reply, "well it doesn't mean I'm cheating".
  10. berry's Punishment Appeal

    It doesn't matter who it's up to, I can still post my opinion on the case
  11. berry's Punishment Appeal

    You're starting to make no sense, perhaps you don't have anymore things to back you?
  12. berry's Punishment Appeal

    I can indeed tell the difference between a legit player and a cheater... In this case, I can see a cheater.
  13. berry's Punishment Appeal

    Why do you keep bringing up the wall bang spot you were trying to hit, that doesn't mean anything, we're talking about your aim, the way you peak corners, and the lake of corner checking.... It's ridiculous, I don't see why you think that we don't suspect you.... Just give up, you tried hard enough but here at FD we can tell between a cheater and a legit good player like Kurt. btw I reported you before you were a mod because you were hitting the craziest shots on me lol...