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  1. Further Steam Integration & Login Fix

    About time!
  2. Insta Team Switch

    also is annoying. pls fix
  3. Surf Server Suggestion

    @TripleThreat you sly bugger. You know I don't even like pink you lil shit!
  4. Map Pool Update

    Have played office on mm a few times
  5. Map Pool Update

    My dreams have been ruined what map will I vote for to replace my true love. R.I.P Office, Forever loved, Brutally ripped away from me by nipple himself. Why
  6. The good, the Frost and the ugly.

    Definitely the sound @Frost made when I autoshotted his face off as he smashed his keyboard up
  7. r0bert's Punishment Appeal

    You was toxic to a lot of people, myself included. You was shouting at people to shut up for no reason (could've just voice_enabled 0 if it bothered you that much) and being downright horrible so to say you're harmless isn't true. If you're trying to say the only reason you acted this way because you lost money, why was @Monty B. already aware that you had been toxic and issued the ban because it hadn't been the first time? I think a lot of people will agree you're not nice but it's up to the mods/admins just wanted to give my input.
  8. The OFFICIAL Make-a-Couple Thread!

    i agree im a careless shaver and have cut myself many times :'( @geist dw my left sweaty foot will always be yours
  9. Players banning others for no reason.

    Try joining the community servers where the votes needed are so high no one ever gets votebanned I've already brought up issues with the system and the admins believe the system is fine for the 5v5s but as @JavaFreak says there's nothing stopping you putting in a report for them if they are clearly abusing.
  10. Change the votekick/mute/ban system

    @norskeN @aNggo I don't think either of you are bootylicious for this thorn soz If I kicked you no one would appreciate my toes
  11. Change the votekick/mute/ban system

    I'm already in my final form >:)
  12. ki - intro :)

  13. Change the votekick/mute/ban system

    Just lower the number of people pls before I become even more of a thorn in yo ass
  14. Change the votekick/mute/ban system

    When there's like 10+ people on a team having to block 1 person, I'd say it would just be easier to votemute I understand admins are available majority of the time, but why should we always have to drag you away from your porn just to mute a kid when we can have a system to do it ourselves? Just trying to make your life easier gawd