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  1. Add M9 Lore Skins

    if you turn the skin filter off in the skin customization menu it will be available
  2. FragDeluxe Magic

    yeah I noticed this mystical stuff on the 5v5's too although it seems ok on the 28p servers?
  3. Bye bye Melon.

    thanks for all you've done for fd @aWildWatermelon see you in Source 2 -RESI P.s. waaaazzzzupppppp @Nofsy
  4. Yeah yeah.. your post in the other topic basically sums up how you've been towards me as of late: "We do not feed on you, neither do we have to be responsive to your delusional cry-outs when it's not going your way." Delusional cryouts.. I mean I took your advice anyway instead of messaging the higher ups "is that you think that 'person a' is breaking the rules, but rather complain about it to everyone that nothing has been done towards 'person a' then to actually report him with evidence given." thus here we are in the report section and the evidence posted in the first post. Got a bit too comfortable since you got your mod back haven't you, I dont care about you getting banned hopefully nothing like that will happen as apart from occasionally letting forest and co get away with murder your a pretty good mod all things considered. You really just need to tone your attitude down and stop getting on my ass every chance you get.
  5. No this is what happens when you keep getting up my ass every chance you get instead of just getting along, you used to be fine with me but recently your attitude towards me has stank. Honestly I don't care if you don't like me - guess what, playing with you rage quiting and spoiling games after 2 rounds was really annoying too! I had enough of the other 5+ people shit talking me constantly and I don't need someone else doing it on mic or whatever.
  6. FragDeluxe Player Report 04/11/17 My Steam Name: RESI Accused Steam Name: Various Accused Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:103316930 - STEAM_0:1:52332120 Rules Broken: Inappropriate Language Explanation & Evidence Had shit talk from these people for months, constantly trying to provoke me on mics, in chat, name changes etc. anything to get a response http://stats.fragdeluxe.com/player_histories/chat/33766 (Chatlogs) http://stats.fragdeluxe.com/playerinfo/33766 (Profile) 11 Apr 2017 13:21:56 what are you fucking doing u weapon 11 Apr 2017 13:19:26 hes shit kill him 11 Apr 2017 13:13:22 if the server wasnt shit 5 Apr 2017 19:05:42 ur bad shut the fuck up 2 Apr 2017 17:31:06 stop fucking baiting everyone u shit cunt 29 Mar 2017 19:32:35 one day you will be resi 29 Mar 2017 17:17:11 LSD ITS OBVIOUSLY A YOU DUMB CUNT 26 Mar 2017 15:39:41 someones a 3rd world braindead cunt 26 Mar 2017 15:39:22 Mouse:razer mamba 2012 26 Mar 2017 15:39:16 My rank best rank i got is lem 26 Mar 2017 15:39:14 My age is 15 26 Mar 2017 15:39:09 Hello guys my name is RG 26 Mar 2017 15:38:55 ur brain is tiny 26 Mar 2017 15:38:44 FUCKING KILL YOURSELF 26 Mar 2017 15:38:42 UR DUMB 26 Mar 2017 15:38:21 answer my steam message u fucking dumb degenerate cunt 26 Mar 2017 14:57:54 stop fucking baiting me u braindead cunts 25 Mar 2017 14:52:07 bluebird get a brain please 25 Mar 2017 14:52:00 u stupid cunt 25 Mar 2017 14:32:09 resi wouldve got that kill lzr http://stats.fragdeluxe.com/player_histories/chat/41114 (Chatlogs) http://stats.fragdeluxe.com/playerinfo/41114 (Profile) 5 Apr 2017 18:43:01 retard 5 Apr 2017 17:17:07 its mad 5 Apr 2017 17:17:06 shit cunts 5 Apr 2017 17:14:30 you make 0 sense 5 Apr 2017 17:10:22 stop talking to me you foreign retard 3 Apr 2017 18:55:12 ROFFLLL 3 Apr 2017 18:48:44 retard hahahah 2 Apr 2017 20:34:30 did anybody say anything to you, foreign little cunt. 2 Apr 2017 20:26:37 stop getting butthurt over fucking nothing 2 Apr 2017 20:26:30 kemp are you retarded 2 Apr 2017 20:21:13 get used to it 2 Apr 2017 20:12:45 jesus 2 Apr 2017 20:12:43 stop begging me 2 Apr 2017 20:12:30 braindead 2 Apr 2017 20:12:17 pussy 2 Apr 2017 16:49:02 stop talking to me you third world piece of shit 2 Apr 2017 16:48:49 are you dumb or something 2 Apr 2017 16:47:04 l0l 2 Apr 2017 16:47:03 you're shit 2 Apr 2017 16:46:26 you fat cunt 2 Apr 2017 16:46:24 loose your mum from her cage 2 Apr 2017 16:46:12 loosing what 2 Apr 2017 16:45:51 learn my language and maybe i will 2 Apr 2017 16:45:35 you molested little foreign piece of shit 2 Apr 2017 16:45:28 you're trash 2 Apr 2017 16:45:13 you're trash 2 Apr 2017 16:44:36 nice acne 2 Apr 2017 16:44:34 small brained piece of shit 2 Apr 2017 16:44:05 retard 2 Apr 2017 16:43:53 are you dumb or something 30 Mar 2017 18:04:12 like you 30 Mar 2017 18:04:09 because he's braindead 30 Mar 2017 18:04:05 no shit 30 Mar 2017 18:03:56 homie 30 Mar 2017 18:03:55 italian trash 29 Mar 2017 19:32:31 shit cunt 29 Mar 2017 19:32:25 HAHAHA 29 Mar 2017 19:32:17 go outside 29 Mar 2017 19:32:15 you're a wannabe resi 28 Mar 2017 20:33:05 you're so shit it hurts 28 Mar 2017 20:32:31 italian cunt Confirmation I, RESI confirm that everything I have said here is accurate and true.
  7. FragDeluxe Player Report 04/11/17 My Steam Name: RESI Accused Steam Name: Hardy Accused Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41980331 Rules Broken: Inappropriate Language Explanation & Evidence http://stats.fragdeluxe.com/player_histories/chat/26306 Always up my ass and his 'professional' moderator attitude can be seen below 11 Apr 2017 17:21:17 fuck off retard 11 Apr 2017 17:20:35 fuckin peek dude i can't hold every angle on a site jesus fuckin christ 11 Apr 2017 16:52:48 i die to a guy with shit movement 10 Apr 2017 15:13:19 he's a resi 10 Apr 2017 16:28:14 stop being fuckin retards jesus christ 4 Apr 2017 19:15:14 stop being lucky fuckin cunts ffs 4 Apr 2017 19:14:41 fuck off 31 Mar 2017 16:52:34 this is straight up sad 31 Mar 2017 16:52:28 no if i had a bad game i would be yelling 31 Mar 2017 16:52:05 fuckin hell 31 Mar 2017 16:52:02 let's just sit a site and die 31 Mar 2017 16:51:58 best team ive ever seen 31 Mar 2017 16:48:58 this is worse then fuckin silver 31 Mar 2017 16:48:53 i'm absolutely done 31 Mar 2017 16:48:49 losing a 6v2 31 Mar 2017 16:48:40 this is the most retarded thing ive ever seen 30 Mar 2017 17:36:07 i admit, he's good with scout 30 Mar 2017 17:35:56 vimes is an onliner 30 Mar 2017 17:35:14 vimes is shit believe me 30 Mar 2017 17:06:56 why these aidsplayers have the biggest luck 30 Mar 2017 17:06:46 moxo u lucky ass dumbass 29 Mar 2017 18:13:50 worst spray ever 29 Mar 2017 18:13:46 u shouldve killed me 29 Mar 2017 18:11:29 gtfo outta here 29 Mar 2017 18:11:26 shift peeking 29 Mar 2017 18:09:58 holding rotate nerd 29 Mar 2017 18:07:48 i die to people that can't get out of gold nova 27 Mar 2017 18:01:06 play the game or leave the game don't be an edgy retard 27 Mar 2017 17:47:10 ure actually so fuckin autistic dude jesus fuckin christ 27 Mar 2017 17:46:57 why u still push like a fuckin dumbass 27 Mar 2017 17:46:50 holy fuck 27 Mar 2017 17:46:48 rsn are u fuckin retarded 27 Mar 2017 17:44:52 why u always push like retards 17 Mar 2017 18:10:22 prob only me cuz he's a cunt 17 Mar 2017 18:05:30 4 dumbfucks infront of c and none of them see a fuckin enemy 17 Mar 2017 18:30:14 ofc he clutches while having his dick on a with bomb being dropped for over a minute 19 Mar 2017 17:20:05 you guys are dumb af 24 Mar 2017 17:20:21 is it dumbass people hour or what? Confirmation I, RESI confirm that everything I have said here is accurate and true.
  8. Ethanol's Punishment Appeal

    1. Sorry for replying on this forum 2. I've come to you guys a hundred times in chat messages since January about people shit talking and provoking me constantly every time I'm on, you're actually telling me that reporting them on the forums will actually lead to a different outcome than being ignored over and over? I hope you can see how that seems unlikely from my point of view, plus you guys have banned people based on chat logs for months for racist stuff and offensive things just not these people. Honestly the only thing I can think of is they have too many admin/mod friends covering for them.. Edit: Hi RESI, You have been warned by TripleThreat for a comment made in a topic, Ethanol's Punishment Appeal Still gaining points even when I'm not on FD! 11 warning points in total now!! #Pointwhore @SM9 I have no desire to get into a pissing contest with you about the 'speaking out of your ass' part - was it not you who a month or so back that blamed me and shit talked me as soon as I joined the server for changing the server codes and fucking everything programming related up despite having nothing to do with that? Putting that aside from what I hear you've fixed the performance on the servers so congrats on that. Yes technically I contradicted myself, action unrelated to this was done and they were muted for months prior then some of them got unmuted and automatically others got unmuted because the others did and it 'wouldn't have been fair,' since being unmuted for some months everyone just seems to turn a blind eye to certain individuals and despite tons of chat logs and complaints, even mods being in countless times and hearing everything, diddly squat has been done. Personally I've been shit talked since January and this is the reason I haven't played FD in like 3 weeks, really cant be assed with it any longer since I still get continuous bullshit from these people but the funny thing is if any of you would have had the shit I had for 1 day a ban would be given. Coincidentally it seems a lot of others haven't been playing when these people have been at there most active (past few weeks), now that the certain shit talkers I'm referring to haven't been playing for a couple of days the servers seem to have been getting full again, fuck, what a massive coincidence! Maybe it was just the FPS and stutters though which seemed fine to me the last time I played some weeks back.. No hard feelings or anything just hope you guys will do something about these people in the next weeks or so and not leave it a few more months down the line
  9. Ethanol's Punishment Appeal

    @Ethanol Compared to other people who have much worse chatlogs (and have also been previously muted in months prior - http://stats.fragdeluxe.com/playerinfo/100236 for example) I'd say your logs are pretty fucking impeccable in comparison. Not that anything will ever be done to said individuals I'm referring to for reasons that completely fucking baffles me... Point being if they (people who have page after page of bullshit) arent going to be dealt with I dont see why you should be banned/muted for a couple lines, I mean it makes no sense right? @SM9
  10. birdman's Punishment Appeal

    tbh a lot of people have been muted for a short period/laugh every now and then (nothing serious just bants etc.) but I cant see how using those 'fun' mutes as statistics to justify a ban is fair.. hearing his BANG BANG BANG and flute solos during end rounds was funny and not overly annoying (although listening to him and a few others on teamspeak whilst voice_enable 1 on fd is absolute fucking aids) p.s. It is with my feminism that I declare the right to rule break by posting on this forum <3
  11. 9/11 was an inside job

    Open to interpretation I guess, not at all my intention to make it sound like I'm bossing them around, never has been. Funny thing is I even asked a few people before I posted this thread to make sure it didn't sound that way, guess that failed but just so its absolutely clear, there's a few bugs which could use a look into sometime WHENEVER or maybe not at all, which have now been listed for ease of use/reference and where available, solutions and possible causes have been added to hopefully make it easier for sm9 if he desires to solve any issues. I'm not demanding anything, I'm not saying "go fix this now" or "do this do that" just like a beta software release you have feedback, same idea. Now stay on the goddamn topic @Tom Hardy <-- in case of confusion that's a demand
  12. 9/11 was an inside job

    No one is rushing them, they are doing good and its appreciated. I even added a least to most important ***** system so maybe if you actually read the post you will find that adding more servers isn't high on the todo/suggested list... more about fixing some bits n bobs for extra performance and stability, aka refining which still is only a suggestion.
  13. 9/11 was an inside job

    Added a separate section to my original post for anyone that wants their suggestions to be listed - PM me or paste in here and I will add them to the main post
  14. Ok now that I have your attention could we please look into the following @SM9 @TripleThreat *Surf *10V10 *HSMOD DM **!spam command - thought about how you could make it quicker to copy/paste - create a page like when you type 'vip' in chat which opens up a window and have the command in text form in there for easy copy/paste. ***Skin changes only available for the first 30/40 seconds into a round on comp and community servers (would make people actually have to play some of the round and it also means that they will spend more time on the server selecting skins - win/win) ***Better money system - kinda crap when you win pistol round then rush on the next round and get fucked by an AWP from the team that just lost (not teamswitched either) problem is mostly to do with suicide bonus. ***Killcam - was fixed but its now back ***Skinplugin bug fixes - Doesn't save skins sometimes more specifically the specific team you choose skins for wont save, appears to be random. Doesn't detect that you have a default skin makes you select default in the skins own menu system before you can change skins for that weapon. Name changes to guns doesn't save sometimes? If skins load one map after switch sometimes wont load? Some skins don't work - e.g. theres 5 versions of the some skins in the menu, 2/5 wont work - would probably be a good idea to tidy the menu; remove 4/5 of the selected skins and keep the master copy of that skin. Guessing there's some issues relating to the sync thing. TBH I wouldn't be surprised if this is causing the whole stuttering thing below - seems to be about the same time it started happening too. *****Better advert optimization - ping goes up to 200 then proceeds to go down when some of the adverts play, issue isn't for all of the adverts and only happens every now and then so I guess its the hidden ones. - 5+ people with same issue. incoming buy vip comment from frost *****Stutter/freezes - http://plays.tv/video/58b45bdc61be2e52c5/how-can-i-fix-these- - weird massive fps drops, and complete freezes along with laggy/stutter is quite common on FD these days, no clue as to exactly what is causing it/how to fix it but would be awesome if you could look into it - again many many people have the same issue. *****Random Crashes - Game will sometimes crash randomly (client not server), maybe related to the above not sure exactly what is causing it but many people have the same issue. Also could certain people/mods stop camping the shit out of stuff T side and actually try to win rounds : I understand your desire for points and all but its just encouraging other people to do the same stuff hence why the CT's are always pushing these days. Remember exit frags and high KD doesent mean shit if you don't win or play as a team, its also a rule to play the objective FYI. Also to certain people who know who they are, whenever there's ghoster's/micspammer's etc. on other servers, would be awesome if you'd change and do something about it once in a while. P.s. Thnx @geist@maNggo@Frost@aWildWatermelon who usually end up being the people that sort it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Suggestions by others: @Nofsy FFA/DM's Display gun menu on request rather than after death Gun menu re-ordered to sort by popularity Mirage instead of Dust 2 for the 20 slot servers Removal of GameMe Spawn protection Comp's Removal of damage report as it is inaccurate
  15. Pistol HS-DM + More FFA DM Servers

    Tec9/Duelies on a HS MOD DM makes zero sense