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  1. I AM THE LAW!!!!111!!!

    1. nbk


      i dredd to think why you would say that

  2. Volunteer Forum Moderators

    Sure. Makes sense, the forum is rarely active.
  3. So i noticed that there are no dedicated forum moderators on the site. As the community gets larger it would make sense to expand the staff to cope rather than relying on a small number of server mods/admins who also have more responsibilities than dealing with low quality posts in Off-Topic. I'm sure if you open applications for volunteer mods you would get plenty of requests. I certainly would be interested as i already have experience in community management since I run a business and debate society.
  4. What type of phone do you have ?

    LG G3, the 3gb ram model.
  5. Best guns?

    Interesting that neither of the scoped assault rifles are getting any love.
  6. Tom Hardy

    From the looks of your profile pic you have a good taste in film. Welcome.
  7. Money

    What resolution is that? 400x300?
  8. Is Paypal supported?

    Just wondering as i use Paypal for most of my subscription services as i often micromanage my cards.
  9. Insane 360 Ladderstall on CSGO

    Does a 360. Completely misses. -11/10
  10. Tired. Battered. Broken. (Clicks 'join game')