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reverse grip masturbation

[Accepted] reverse grip masturbation's Punishment Appeal

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FragDeluxe Punishment Appeal

Steam Name: Samuel Dragao
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:122093348

Punishment Type: Ban
Punishment Length: Permanent
Punishment Reason: toxic

Why should your punishment be revoked?

My punishment should be revoked because in addition to be playing there since i started playing since back in 2015 summer and have tons of friends that play there and know that sometimes (i will not lie) i was a little toxic, but bro cmon sometimes theres guys that makes us rage and provoke us... thats not a good excuse but im saying it all, all the true.Im not even playing that much cs anymore because i cant play in fragdeluxe.... when i played consistently my rank was good and i was good with the major part of the people in the servers, sometimes i just overkill myself up, i really apologise.
I ask, if they disband me ... and if I behave incorrectly I ask that they automatically ban me, PLS, REALLY PLS

(Optional) Any supporting evidence

i can't really say much, sometimes i was toxic, but people change...... give me atleast the last chance


I, reverse grip masturbation confirm that everything I have said here is accurate and true.



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After investigation, we have decided to accept your punishment appeal. However, further infractions may lead to harsher punishments in the future.

Important Notes

  • Before going any further, please take the time to read over our Server Rules & Guidelines.
  • Having a history of infractions may affect your eligibility, should you decide to apply for a staff position.
  • Being a repeat offender will lower your chances of successfully appealing in the future.

The FragDeluxe Staff Team.

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