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[Denied] Report of "s1mple" STEAM_0:1:207039914

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FragDeluxe Player Report

My Steam Name: Aerh-.-

Accused Steam Name: s1mple
Accused Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:207039914

Rules Broken:
Griefing - Blocking me in places the team is going

Explanation & Evidence
This happened during one or two different rounds on the Dust 2 game. One of the rounds went like this: the team was moving towards B Tunnels, and the accused was in front of me. They stood in front of me, preventing me from going that area.


I, Aerhoe confirm that everything I have said here is accurate and true.

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After investigation, we have decided to deny your report.

Possible Reasons For Denial

  • Your report may have lacked sufficient evidence or explanation (appropriate screenshots, video clips, etc) 
  • Your report may have lacked crucial information (Reported player's Steam ID, etc)
  • The offenses mentioned may not have been deemed serious enough to be considered punishable under our Server Rules & Guidelines

Important Notes

  • Falsely reporting players is considered an offense and may result in punishment.
  • Failure to provide appropriate evidence and/or information hinders our ability to come to an appropriate conclusion and ultimately wastes time.

The FragDeluxe Staff Team.

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