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Staff Team Announcement


We’re happy to announce the new additions to the team along with a new role. As you might have seen we opened up applications last week and after a week of reviewing and discussing amongst ourselves, we have determined the new trial moderators. Before we announce the new trial moderators, remember that if you weren’t picked there will always a next time. In addition, we have created a new Server Manager role.

So what exactly are Server Managers and what do they do?

Server managers ensure the longevity of the server(s) they have been assigned to and will be responsible for maintaining and keeping them up to date. While they will have full admin permissions and duties on their assigned server(s), this does not mean they do on our other servers. Some focus solely on assigned servers while others don’t. We implemented this rank because we feel like it is in the community’s best interest to have more people dedicated to servers as opposed to having solely moderating staff.

We implemented this rank as it would benefit the community in our exploration of potential new servers besides the classic game modes and by having experienced people with more knowledge than us dedicated to those. For those interested in this position, fill out our Talent Scouting application on our website and we’ll be in touch.

Last but not least, we received some of the strongest applications to date and we believe that the individuals we have chosen will greatly benefit us in maintaining order on the servers. The following players will be trialing as Moderators over the course of the next two months.

  • RBS
  • Unkn0wn
  • Mystie
  • Vaffe
  • DayV
  • Techn1cal
  • sKetched_OuT

As for our current team,

  • [m]aNggo has been re-assigned to Server Manager for our upcoming surf servers and will be primarily focusing on managing and maintaining those.
  • Howl will be promoted to Administrator for his continues dedication to dealing with player reports.

We’d like to welcome and congratulate those who have been chosen and promoted.


The FragDeluxe Team

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