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  1. F.A.Q

    • Q: How long does it take for my VIP to activate?
      • A: Activation is instant as long as the Steam ID you entered is correct.
    • Q: How do I join full servers when I'm VIP?
      • A: Open your console in-game (`) and type "connect <server-ip>" in console (without the quotes and brackets)
    • Q: What payment methods do you offer?
      • A: We currently accept PayPal and Credit card through the website, if you would like to pay through other methods such as CS:GO keys, please contact TripleThreat on Steam or Discord.
    • Q: How do I access the new features now that I'm VIP?
      • A: The majority of the features are accessed through the !skins (or !ws) command. If a feature requires a specific command, it will be mentioned down below in the features list.


    • A lovely [VIP] tag next to your name when you type in-game!
    • Access to reserved slots on all servers so you can play even when they're full!
    • No annoying advertisements ever again!
    • Immunity from the autobalancer, never be switched unexpectedly again!
    • Access to FragTrak™ Technology to track your kills and make your weapons look cool!
    • The ability to change your characters model so you can stand out on any map!
    • The ability to customize your skybox to vary up the look of the maps!
    • Stand out when you spawn, with a golden circle around your feet and a VIP tag above your head.
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