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  1. Maybe turning off beta client will fix it, read a post on reddit sometime ago about some steam plugin sending data packages over the internet to a server after every interval. This seemed to cause lag spikes. Turning off beta client fixed it for most people edit: found the post : Steamwebhelper.exe doing very weird stuff and causing lag spikes in CS:GO
  2. Have you tried deleting the config from your main acc and replace it with the config file from your smurf? Since config files from different accounts are saved in a different folder under "userdata" in your main steam folder. edit: maybe different launch options? edit2: You're sure your not using the steam beta on one of your accounts cause I read somewhere that could give performance issues aswell?
  3. Looking gewdddd, what do you study?
  4. You're a legend frost hahaha!!!! edit: that guy asking for a 5£ refunde hahaha
  5. Damm you're lucky ki, most of the time it is even worse: d2,cache,d2,cache, inferno, rtv after 8 rounds, d2,....... lols aside, I totally support your suggestion :d.
  6. Sounds pretty sick! Looking forward trying it out later today :D
  7. Looks pretty sick, i like the first one of the last three
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