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Everything posted by norskeN

  1. Trusted

    lmaoooo. and this seems like a mod reject thing :^)
  2. Robust's Punishment Appeal

    You literally started flaming me the second I joined the server and was last alive in a 1v2 (which I won, despite you crying and throwing out insults to everyone in my ear) You probably didn't get kicked/banned cuz no one bothered to report you or cuz u did it over voice. You're ridicilous lmao
  3. Is this what faceit premium feels like

    just cuz u pay for premium shit on faceit doesnt mean all ur teammates are gonna be global or good at the game. play more and grind.
  4. 9/11 was an inside job

    It's mind boggling how there still is no limitation to !ws when the main reason people play here is skins. High prio on this plz
  5. Twitch Thread!

    Yeah kinda messed up tbh twitch.tv/norskencs
  6. Twitch Thread!

    lmao this fucking guy
  7. Triggering Geist - The movie

    refer to the first part of last msg
  8. Triggering Geist - The movie

    You're german, you can't help it. Just embrace it. But you do sound pretty furious a lot
  9. FD - The movie

  10. halp me

    well i mean you should advertise it. i remember just advertising long ago on FD for one session and i peaked 15, but i never stream unless im asked to (for educational purposes) just like having ur twitch name ingame on cs or on your profile etc
  11. halp me

    streaming > youtube gl

    "Contest is open to residents of CA and US" do you live in canada/us or are you an exception?
  13. Hello.

    oh its the guaranteed mod guy, returns when mod applications open... hmm...
  14. How to stop console spam

    good job geist useful admin
  15. intro of a real idiot?

    im atleast #27
  16. intro of a real idiot?

    true, surprised kids not perma'd yet :^)
  17. VIP Reserved Slot Changes (PT 2)

    nvm didnt read last part
  18. Hello ding dongs

    fuck u mean 14 u sound like ur in ur 30s sup man
  19. intro of a real idiot?

    hey man cant wait to communicate with eachother on the servers :^)
  20. High skill Server

    Swedish retakes I play on a lot have high skill servers. Top 2500
  21. Remove !gloves?

    ? playing with 20+ ppl with 100 fps is all i ever wanted
  22. This is what our Country has turned into

    That's fucking retarded.
  23. Congrats, you played yourself.

  24. 3 ping master race

    fuckin nuts

    yeah i actually believed it, till i saw the rest of the posts lol