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  1. Swisha2k16's Punishment Appeal

    *really sorry for replying here* I've met swisha over at fragdeluxe servers and have played with him multiple times on the server and I'm 100% certain he doesn't cheat. Just wanted to say what I had to say.
  2. Staff Application Results

    24/7 crying about players being cheaters... Im not even joking, you get a lucky flick or hit a good shot. He thinks you're suspicious.
  3. Resurfacing?

    Welcome back man, haven't met you yet but since you were staff I'm pretty sure you are an awesome person man. Ngl every staff I've met on servers so far are awesome.
  4. Add de_infernew (v2) to map pool?

    I'd love to see it added, while yours at it can you remove thrill please it's way too big and it's never played, whenever it's played people instantly rtv as soon as rtv is avaliable.
  5. Kicked for private profile

    Ah I see, well great to hear, whenever I'm back behind a pc I'll see if this happens again and I'll let you know by editing this, I believe temporarily disabling profile check if it doesn't get fixed soon ofc will be the best option. Thanks for your help again. Edit: I have been playing for a good 3 hours and still not kicked so I think it's fixed (hopefully)
  6. OK so long story short, I was playing on comp 1 and for some reason it kept kicking me after a bunch of rounds saying "in order to play on this server your profile must be private". It didn't just happen to me, it happened to me and a bunch of people, however my profile is always public I don't believe I've ever made my profile private before. Also everyone that got kicked had their profiles public aswell. Wasn't sure if this was a bug or not, was gonna post in help center but felt like this is the most appropriate section to post it on. Also I've spoken to sm9 whilest that was happenening but I think he was busy, I don't remember what he said as this all happened like 6 hours ago.
  7. Quick Intro

    Thanks for the welcomes everyone!
  8. Servers Problem

    I've restarted the game and managed to join the servers, thanks!
  9. Servers Problem

    For some reason everytime I try to connect to the competitive #5 server in my favourites list it tells me "You may only connect to this server from a lobby" I've tried searching fragdeluxe in the search bar and all it shows me is the test server. I'm not sure what the problem is here and would like to get help so I can connect to the servers, thanks!
  10. Quick Intro

    Hello guys, my name is Epic. I am an 18 years old, I enjoy gaming and have a couple of other hobbies to do in my spare time. I work as a full-time receptionist in a medical center. I enjoy playing on the fragdeluxe servers, play there almost everyday, you'll mainly see me in comp #5 or #6 as I've met a couple of players that I pretty much call friends there. Looking forward to meet everyone and it's about time I've signed up for these forums! My steam: http://steamcommunity.com/epic_shooter/