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  1. Hi again guys, made a new video CSGO only. And require your honest feedback. As i am new. Things i am aware of is that i need to get an outline around the captions, and probably get rid of the sound between clips. Also i need a better microphone. I would really appreciate any feedback. Cheers guys.

    Frag deluxe needed a feature :p
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    Hi guys, i have been shown your casual servers by a good friend Rob. You might have seen me on, you might not of. but i would like to say hi to anyone who reads this and hope to see you on the server. A bit about me: im 25, and have played cs since i was 12. I have just started trying to make some youtube videos. I made my 1st one today. here is the link: please any feedback is appreciated good or bad.
  4. Assist

    thanks man :D
  5. Hi guys a posted this in my introduction, im not sure if that was the right place for it so will post here. I have a load of clips on my plays.tv saved over time and have decided to go through them and make some youtube videos. I have 0 experience in making them, and i have windows movie maker as software. I would really appreciate any feedback good or bad. And any editing veterans any tips and software that is easy for a novice to use. Cheers guys.