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  1. Map vote

    Calm down, I was just trying to provide my own point of view. I know people come and go, that's why I proposed not to change all the servers but one, test it to see how it works. If it's not possible then it's fine. At least I gave my feedback
  2. Map vote

    then at least have one server which runs different maps, maybe for 1-2 weeks, to play, lets say, only cs maps or smth. Really boring after a while to play only d2 cache mirage tbh
  3. Map vote

    Please do something with the voting system, literally it's only mirage cache mirage cache and so on. from time to time is d2. just block the maps so you cant play it every second map
  4. Public profile

    Thanks for your support guys. As I said, it happened a lot recently, kicking me every 10-15 min in the last 3-4 days. Never had this issue before. I think I'll get the VIP pack because I read it will bypass this security thing... Cheers
  5. Public profile

    Hi guys, I've been playing on fragdeluxe for quite a while, but recently I constantly keep being kicked because it says I don't have a public profile. I've checked my profile and all the boxes for public profile are ticked. I get kicked every 10-15 minutes of playing. Thanks