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  1. JoMy's Punishment Appeal

    Idk i cant explain why i was so mad sometimes, like i said i will try the best to not be satly again, i promise Would be nice if you maybe lower the ban to 1 week ore 2 - JoMy
  2. JoMy's Punishment Appeal

    FragDeluxe Punishment Appeal 11/02/16 Steam Name: JoMy2k Steam ID: 76561198083713514 Punishment Type: Ban Punishment Length: Temporary Punishment Reason: racist slur Why should your punishment be revoked? I was a little bit to hard but you have that things when are you raging. I will be a good guy again and not raging ore being bad to any of these people. I love to play on the server and i really will miss it. Would be nice if i would get unbanned soon <3 - JoMy (Optional) Any supporting evidence Confirmation I, JoMy confirm that everything I have said here is accurate and true.