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  1. Tried My Best For Frost <3

    THis is a real banger, I will play at every party I go to so people think I am really cool and then I tell them I know the DJ and they all wanna be my friends
  2. +Rep System

    It's all fun and games until some people start abusing it.
  3. hello.

    Welcome to the forums
  4. What's up

    Welcome to the forums
  5. b0p's Punishment Appeal

    @chaosThank you for tryna help, but you are not supposed to reply to appeals or reports you that you are not involved with.
  6. Report of "WUMBO" 76561198146661543

    These people are involved as well according to reporter http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198275669610 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198122832287 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198135428827
  7. deez nutties's Punishment Appeal

    http://stats.fragdeluxe.com/player_histories/chat/357042 what kind of facts were you exactly pointing out if I might ask?
  8. RabbitinaHat's Punishment Appeal

    @Tom Hardy
  9. Hello FragDeluxe Community!

    Welcome to the website sir!
  10. I doodled while playin fd

    I swear Burdman your shit creeps me the fuck out, I am concerned about your mental health and shit whenever you post your drawings and all that but sick art
  11. Robust's Punishment Appeal

    Appeal Accepted I do really hope you will be cautious with your actions towards our players as they are as welcome as you on FD aslong no rules are broken, I will be keeping an eye on you.
  12. bot [BiH]'s Punishment Appeal

    You have not been banned for Mic Spam. Player bot [BiH] No Demos Steam ID STEAM_1:1:100989469 Steam3 ID [U:1:201978939] Steam Community 76561198162244667 Invoked on 04-29-17 22:51 Banlength Permanent Expires on Not applicable. Reason [AutoSync] Banned on CEVO for a Cheating infraction. Banned by Admin FragSecure Banned from Web Ban Total Bans No previous bans Blocked (0) never
  13. Trusted

  14. Trusted

    I think the reason that FD got staff is cause they are trusted, but many people dont care enough this cheater or rulebreaker to make evidence and post on the forums. So I am going to go against this idea, as it is most likely will be abused by some who gets handed the power
  15. Report of "FlopparN" STEAM_0:0:185181693

    Chatlog of accused user
  16. ping limit

    In this post you already made month ago, our beloved TripleThreat said
  17. Is this what faceit premium feels like

    Play hard. Work hard.
  18. Frag Deluxe Community Night 5v5 Tournament?

    I am a caster that will roast everyone whenever I get the chance, never see anything positive in anything :DD
  19. Frag Deluxe Community Night 5v5 Tournament?

    I will be there too to make sure you aint getting too drunk to cast
  20. HI guys, need your help.

    Logo 1 cause of AOY. and here is some proof
  21. Alucard

    False... His ego is just bigger than his cock lmao
  22. Hey new player here

    Welcome to the forums little one :D
  23. Hey new player here

    B U S
  24. Hey what's up

    Ello and welcome pal, enjoy it