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  1. FragDeluxe Punishment Appeal 11/18/16 Steam Name: SatiN Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:140850736 Punishment Type: Ban Punishment Length: Permanent Punishment Reason: Hacking Why should your punishment be revoked? Because it totally wasn't cheats. I really don't know for what shot/play I got banned. I remember one lucky scout shot and 1 lucky spam but thats all (Optional) Any supporting evidence I wouldn't cheat with a knife in my iv and I wouldn't risk to get a ban on my account since it's got alot of rep and I'm pretty trusted in the community. If it is possible you could just replay it and see that it wasn't a lock. Confirmation I, SatiN ^ CSGOWrap.com confirm that everything I have said here is accurate and true.
  2. SatiN ^ CSGOWrap.com's Punishment Appeal

    Also, why I changed my name to my name back then, is because I wanted to know that it was me playing and not friend. It was very hard for people to know who they were talking to at the time. Also, the thing why I didn't play on my own account was because the rank difference was extreme. At the time I used to be DMG and he was nova 1, so that is why I played on his 2nd with the same rank as his other account.
  3. SatiN ^ CSGOWrap.com's Punishment Appeal

    Hello! As said, I did play on my friends account, but only to smurf and to play with my friend personally. I understand that you rebanned since I didn't have enough evidence, but I have nowhere to get this evidence from. I do have access to his email, but that's all I've got. I used to play on the account, but it was more then 40 days ago for the first. My friends name is Michael but I have no contact with him what so ever. I cannot log into his account for more evidence. The only thing I have is his email. If I have no way to prove that this account isn't mine, I guess that I'll have to give up my personal favorite server, but in this case I think I have no other option. If anyone could suggest a way in which I could prove myself not-guilty, that would be really appreciated! Best regards //Philip