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  1. ferguj's Punishment Appeal

    FragDeluxe Punishment Appeal 11/13/16 Steam Name: Ferg Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:130123826 Punishment Type: Ban Punishment Length: Permanent Punishment Reason: Nazi Binds Why should your punishment be revoked? I used for a joke, and i didn't use it to offend anyone, i apologise for using it and at the time didn't feel that it was all that bad to say, and everyone that saw me use it didn't take offence to it and joked with me by saying mein Fuhrer. (Optional) Any supporting evidence Confirmation I, ferguj confirm that everything I have said here is accurate and true.    
  2. ferguj's Punishment Appeal

    I've read through the rules and guidelines and understand them and i wont be using inappropriate language like what i said and again i apologise for my actions.