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  1. You're a wizard harry

    3 mins of my life I can't get back....
  2. Hey Guys and Gals

    I will try not to xD
  3. All Chat on for 4 or less

    This would be good because most people won't try when there is less people and they might try and have fun or have conversations
  4. Bhop Server

    Most people bhop a lot in the games anyways why not make a server just for bhopping. It will include workshop maps for bhopping. Maybe??
  5. What PC have you got?

    I don't know much about my pic but I know this: GTX 980 2x8 GB corshair RAM i7 4K or something 1tb seagate Water cooled Asus 60hz monitor Chroma black widow keyboard Chroma deathadder mouse Steel series Siberia v2 Steel series qck+
  6. Steam controller?

    I could use a controller and bind one of the buttons to 180 like the game on Xbox.
  7. Video settings..

    People use 4:3 stretched because it's easier to see the heads of people but also it improves fps. I sometimes use 16:9 because of shroud but I can't awp properly on it, I don't know why. I use 1024 x 768 black bars because I can deag on it but it's mainly personal preference.
  8. What is you rank on the server? :D

    I'm position 11 nearly in the top 10. Got to beat reytu.
  9. Over 2k hours xD but most of them are on the main menu.
  10. Hey Guys and Gals

    Some of you might know me, might not, but I was just on here to say hi. Also I wanted to add that this is the best server that I have been on and that I have been playing since I was silver and now I am le. It has helped me gain the skill by playing with people and communicating with them because this is the nicest community on csgo I have met.
  11. Welcome to the forums Blinx :)