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  1. I can Sculpt to

    WHAT IS THIS REVOLUTIONARY NEW SUBSTANCE? nope and nope Yup, http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/brand/plasticine is the worst website in the world, even worse than Silk Road. and why did you do your face six times out of Plasticine?
  2. LeFT's Punishment Appeal

    Duplicate Account (x1) (Name: keFF) (Reason: [AutoSync] Banned on FACEIT for a Cheating infraction.) (SteamID: STEAM_1:0:60292528)
  3. aiyoku1337's Punishment Appeal

    I am wondering what caused our resident Fuhrer admin @geist to ban for a verbal offence (cough cough) rather than just muting for a period of time. Will have to see what @geist comes back with. Although I'm going to presume " being a douche " is due to the chat logs, buuut still not sure why it warrants a ban rather than a silence. P.S when the rules say "no music" it's probably not a good idea to play music
  4. Goodbye, for a while

    Pfff, that's only 74mph, that's nothing! But in seriousness, ouch, that's understandable. FD will be missing your constant guard on the comp servers, so get better soon (and don't go run that girl down)
  5. megadeth's Punishment Appeal

    If this is the "Stephen curry" kid that I muted 3 times, and once by geist, he was muted for being an very loud, annoying/obnoxious kid who sounded about 8. I don't usually care about age unless they are being extremely annoying and painful to the ears, which I can assure you, he was being as annoying as possible. This was also after numerous warnings and 2 mutes. If he has changed, then I have nothing against a unmute, but that is not for me to decide. If someone could verify he's not going to be an annoying little kid screaming down the microphone all match, then that's fine by me.
  6. Resurfacing?

  7. Staff Application Results

    frost smells ban me senpai
  8. Retarded Scammer

  9. Rip

    It's a good thing that there was a recent wave of new staff added to the roster! Isn't that convenient? Speaking from the perspective of the staff after being an admin for a long time: A) We are very busy. We all have lives (with like, jobs and SOs that need attention) and money is nice B) Nobody gets paid. Purely volunteer work. Refer to point A) 3) Sometimes things fall through the cracks - the forums aren't always checked because people usually whine via steam PM D) Staff who are on the server are going to be on the server and not on the forums. Sometimes staff want to play a game and not have to deal with whiny kids and/or dealing with people who deserve their punishment but then go "hurr but what about this guy I abused because he was being abusive to me?". People who are seen to be abusive will be banned because they didn't just use this amazing block feature that's apparently been built into the game (I've never heard of that before!) and then report them? All in all, staff are people too and just imagine them like Customer support. They don't get paid and don't want to have to deal with all the crap they get, but they do it because they want the community to stay good. Sometimes they get overloaded and you have to wait a while before they get back to you and by then you've already ragequit, returned your product and then bought another product. So if FD is so terrible for staff, just go to another server with 24/7 Indian Admin Support?
  10. godepicx's Punishment Appeal

    I think I am going to print this off and put it on the mantelpiece.
  11. Resurfacing?

  12. fps low wot is dis

    If you have a crap CPU but a decent GPU, then yes. I get more FPS on max than I do low since it offloads a bunch of stuff to the GPU. If you have a crap CPU and a crap GPU, then it won't help.
  13. Resurfacing?

  14. fps low wot is dis

    if you have a dGPU, this REDUCES FPS since it's not using your GPU at all. Always put all graphics to max to provide relief to the CPU.
  15. Happy internaut day!!

    I think this site would be more suited for people of your mental ability.