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  1. >mfw silver 3

    ahm... well....
  2. Canadians and their milk...

  3. All Chat on for 4 or less

    I think that would be hard to implement. There's a simple way, use ts3.
  4. Frost's art work

    Wow those characters are amazing pls burn mac
  5. The Mighty SAIYAJIN

    Welcome Xzity. your signature is. BIG
  6. Sup cuties.

    Hi there, funny guy see you ingame
  7. Website

    I'm always logged in, maybe you're deleting cookies or smthg? xd
  8. Hey

    Welcome xPress! See you ingame
  9. Start of round pistol zeus bug

    same happened to me, I think it's a csgo bug.
  10. Resetting Rank ladder monthly

    Definetly it's a great idea and it will increase the "game experience" for everyone who's trying to get in a good position every month. ^ Need.
  11. Well hello fellow fraggers

    Welcome to the forums, Class! see you ingame,
  12. Knife rounds

    It's a great idea for the 10 slots servers.. but with +30 ppl it won't work out.
  13. Wildie!

    Welcome to the forums, Martin! Sounds interesting ^^ See you ingame!
  14. Introducing myself.

    Hello! so... my ingame name is Kobb, I'm from Menorca, a Spanish island... I'm 18 years old and what else can I say... oh well I'm global but I rarely play mm. and that's it, not much to say See you ingame!