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  1. ToyTi's Punishment Appeal

    You now have 24 hours to respond.
  2. ToyTi's Punishment Appeal

    So you're telling me you didn't troll at all even though you even confirmed that you trolled in your appeal before? "ive been banned from ALL of the frag deluxes servers... and im not sure why, i think its because i trolled for half a game in casual, could u please unban me? i will not troll again, thanks"
  3. http://plays.tv/video/58a88bbf1f7ba91d3c/i-got-cs-god "omg you are a shit dude" valve pls fix
  4. So I got CS:GO'd

    Cheers, you're right @Falcon I thought the 5€ you gave me were to keep my mouth shut. @TripleThreat
  5. So I got CS:GO'd

    Thought it was planted for short, so I looked to the left first. No trying to be fancy.
  6. Yo bois

  7. FD - The movie

    muting with no reason, nub admin
  8. get rekt german pleb
  9. Meme Competition

    I guess you're not too cold to function right now.
  10. Report of "Frost"

    Not to mention that he owes his first born child to me now. R.I.P. Jordi Jr
  11. Hello.

    And everything was made of wood.
  12. Hello.

    Hello That performance. I remember it as if it was yesterday.
  13. Hello.

    Oh hell naw.
  14. wow

    Laggswitch obviously, duhh
  15. wow

    Epic slowmos
  16. Server error

    Your appeal has been denied.
  17. Staff Application Results

    Welcome and congratulations to the "winners". "With great power comes great responsibility."
  18. A geist has been spotted

    Look mom, @geist is on TV! ( @ 4:26 ) @ 4:26
  19. Billamy11's Punishment Appeal

    Changed Steam ID since it was put in incorrectly.
  20. best intro

  21. Vanilla servers?

    Since I pretty much only play on 5v5 servers, I noticed that maybe 10% of the players on there care about the skins. Most of them don't even care if the plugin crashes/doesn't work, they just want to play/improve/have fun/win. So I think one or two 5v5 "vanilla-servers" isn't a bad idea.
  22. Hello ding dongs

    10/10 can relate Nice to see you on the forums
  23. intro of a real idiot?