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  1. "You're the biggest problem on FD"

  2. Servers a joke

    So youve got a manager. And shara. Was expecting you to be pulling NBKs and shoxes out of your arse. I dont think having a couple of clanners and managers you were nice to on a deathmatch on your friendslist, coupled with you winning lans where you dont play in the final, can be used as a valid angle.
  3. Servers a joke

    May I ask what professional players you play with? Which Majors/Minors, team names you used in the events etc. The best way to get to the bottom of this is to just let us get some evidence.
  4. Alucard

    I like your confidence. Tentative on the application.
  5. Hey new player here

  6. Players banning others for no reason.

    Dont bring up year old threads to appeal your ban too.
  7. Hi friends and Kurt/Mango

    AOy eSpOrTs
  8. Hi friends and Kurt/Mango

    AOY esports
  9. parallaX's Punishment Appeal

    Preemptive bro. We dont need you to join the server, Triple and SM9 are watching you at all times.
  10. parallaX's Punishment Appeal

    Your appeal was denied and you were told not to appeal again. Id say thats a pretty diffinitive answer. We ban all linked accounts. You say youve accessed this account, while banned on others, this is why this account is banned.
  11. parallaX's Punishment Appeal

    Tbh the cabbage and the celery are quite serious when it comes to talk about potatoes.
  12. Private profile

    The only information people are going to get is stuff you put on your profile yourself. As Jake says just keep it normal like everyone else and dont start posting photos of your birth certificate and bank cards on it.
  13. Xero's Punishment Appeal

    If you could provide us with some evidence that it was a moderator who banned you for just being shit hot at aiming that would be great.
  14. M1rk0's Punishment Appeal

    Im afraid it isnt pal. Geist seems well acquainted with you and your stories, he doesnt make wrong decisions.
  15. Lasniko's Punishment Appeal

    @TripleThreat If he hasnt decided by tomorrow ill lock this as denied.
  16. I made diss

    Your all just different levels of cringe. You can be rest assured you are all cringey, 100%
  17. I made diss

    Birdman much better content sry for honestly
  18. vaRgDestruktivt's Punishment Appeal

    Irrespective of that though the issue is the ban by SM9. So we still need @SM9 to come shed some light.
  19. xenioN's Punishment Appeal

    We understand that SMACBANS can be very outdated when it comes these bans. If you can provide proof that said account was banned on CSS 1000 days ago, then we have the option to unban you if we wish as it will be older than 2 years.
  20. SlackeR's Punishment Appeal

    If the ban is 2 years old then we can make the choice to unban you or not. When were you banned? Can you link your ban.
  21. parallaX's Punishment Appeal

    Well just ban your alts too.
  22. parallaX's Punishment Appeal

    The point im making is that admins ban for sufficient reasons, not just because a bunch of kids complain to them, im pointing out the over exaggeration you intently made to make the point irrelevant. The reason we dont like people who are banned elsewhere on our servers is because we dont like people with that kind of mindset within our community. If other places dont feel you trustworthy enough to allow you to play there, then why should we?
  23. parallaX's Punishment Appeal

    Faceit support told you that one of their staff members was a retard, and hes one of the people they let make the ban appeals? Seems counter productive.
  24. Report of "Forst" STEAM_0:0:19953047

    Thread will be locked until Patrick provides evidence that Marks account is actually his as Patrick has been stating the whole time, as that is the only information Frost has asked for to lift the ban. Pretty simple actually guys, just ask your mate to comply with what Frost is asking and the situation is done. Steam Support can help if he doesnt know this Mark person and its been stolen. We are also waiting on a server owner to unban Mickeys forum account so he can come and appeal.
  25. Report of "Forst" STEAM_0:0:19953047

    So in short minus all the autism comments etc, lets lay out the basics. A guy is playing dodgy with 400 hours. Immiediate red flag, but easily proven to admins with main accounts, so we legit know its a smurf. He then gets asked about a main which he says he does have but wants to keep private, giving reasons that its because he becomes too well know, gets asked why he isnt a pro (fucking lol at these) when the reason is quite obviously because the person wont be him and if the whole community knows someone might check. But we check ourselves. After thinking that will be the end of it, he then gets asked to bring the account on, to which he makes endless excuses and attempts to dodge the situation because he knows asking BeckerB to "say something to this dude" is the furthest he would get, because im sure logging onto his account or him joining a server for him would have been too big an ask. THEN I arrived at Mangos reply, who has pretty much shit all over your bum ass liar of a friend by getting confirmation it isnt him or anybody he knows. If it was his brother he would have said "no im his brother" not "no im not him but hes legit". The story has unfolded, and I dont trust any of you little lemons who are allied to him too. Id like to add that we always give the benfit of the doubt, but if youre playing like you spend your whole life on cs, with 400 hours, youre going to get called out, and if the whole life account (BeckerB) was his, he wouldnt be banned.