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  1. Ah yes, I remember you well, Let Melon tell a story. Gather round. It was a lovely day on FragDeluxe, the map Dust 2 was loading in and we were all ready for a good ole' game of CSGO when the owners, @TripleThreat and @SM9 were talking to me, the servers most amazing admin in game and you decided, instead of just muting us, or voice_enable 0, to tell them and myself to 'shut up'. I, being a friendly and courteous fruit, asked you to please stop being a cheeky little rude child and respect the owners of the server to which you told me to 'shut up'. This didn't sit well with me or TripleThreat as we both told you to be nicer and not say those things, to which you replied...'Kill yourself'. What makes me laugh is, you can see the word [Admin] next to my name and I suspect even someone as dim as yourself know what that is, a person of power and rule enforcement on the server. You can also see the word [Owner] next to TripleThreats name and again, that is pretty obvious who they are, the owners of the server, the people who set up and run a community server so 'you' can play for free! Absolutely no extra charge, isn't that amazing? Unlucky for you, this lovely free experience of our server is no longer available to you due to the nasty things you said to us, to which myself, Triple and SM9 are still quite distraught and upset over. Time is a great healer and I'm sure we'll get over it one day, however you will never be able to come back to our servers. The end. Oh...also Appeal Denied.
  2. Hello yeeyt. The banned account also has shared the same name on the Yeeyt account, that's strange. Don't tell me you let him use your account as well if he already has his own. You have your 'Brother' to blame for this ban. Also worth mentioning we don't accept the 'my brother did it' excuse. Appeal denied.
  3. denied

    Hi Joelcs, The tldr; of the situation is we reserve the right to ban people who brag about or admit to cheating on CSGO in a whole. We don't usually welcome people who cheat in the game we enjoy so much, you ruin it for people just because either; 1) You're not good enough to play legit. 2) You actually enjoy stopping people from having fun. 3) You are the both above. Along with your account that has been banned from CEVO as well. Then you say things like this that make us doubt you even more; This is a private community server where no one has the 'right' to play on but are at the discretion of the admin team. In this video you go on about how you 'Made your settings so legit that no one thought I was cheating' so I have no second thoughts on why @Frost banned you for what you said. So put yourselves in our position for a second, we have a self admitted previous cheater/hacker who brags that they never got caught and they know how not to get caught, yet you're playing on our servers? How're we supposed to trust you now exactly? The answer is we can't and as a private community who runs itself, with its own rules and guidelines separate from how anyone thinks if our decisions are 'fair' or not, we have the right to ban whoever we want whenever we want for any reason, but we do stick to our own rules. Also just to put in after going through your logs, for someone who 'once loved this server' you don't half talk a lot of toxic crap in chat; Going on about how to get someone kicked here; Yet threatening people if they do the same to you? I have no reason to un-ban you at this moment in time, but if someone higher than myself, i.e @Frost or one of the two owners decide otherwise that's up to them.
  4. Hi, I will remove the ban as it's been quite some time now, but please remember one simple thing about Frag Deluxe. You are a guest here and the discretion of playing on FragDeluxe is at the staff team, if an admin asks you something you do it, please don't let the same happen again or it will be a a permanent ban that will not be appealed. Appeal Accepted.
  5. Hi L3V1T4T3. Closing as denied due to no evidence provided, we cannot take one persons word for it. Please record footage if you think someone is cheating, or ask for a moderator / admin to come online on the forums.
  6. Closing as you already have an appeal open.
  7. on hold

    I really don't think there is, SMAC will view you as it does with all cheaters, previous or current. I'll tag @TripleThreat to confirm however.
  8. Hello. Not once in your appeal did you applogise. You didn't even answer the question "Why should your punishment be revoked?" This just makes me feel like you don't care and you're not even remotely sorry. You can appeal again in 14 days. Appeal Denied.
  9. Hi shadow You were banned by me, bans were only ever handed out for 'Cheat Advertisement' when a cheat website were put in chat more than 2-3 times. I will remove the ban, but please make sure you don't have any binds that have cheating websites, or hint to anything like a cheating website. cheers
  10. denied

    Why have you not given your Steam ID? I can't look into this until you post it.
  11. Hi, We can always monitor people who are accused of cheating but I will not ban him without any footage/proof. I will inform the other staff to keep an eye on this user. Thank you.
  12. Ok, so you didn't really reply to the question; Why should your punishment be revoked?
  13. Hey, I believe the automatic ban system has linked your account to another previously banned account. I'll tag @TripleThreat to look further into this.
  14. denied

    You've been banned twice before for doing something hack related by @TripleThreat and @Frost before. It's common knowledge you can't use scripts in CSGO, everyone knows this, everyone knows it's not 'legit' as you said. You've also given the Steam ID of the account you're NOT banned on. Though you do have this one; VAC Banned And this one... Two VAC bans. Just to add off of what @Frost said. The appeal is permanently denied , Please do not submit and other appeals as they will be instantly denied as well. You're a constant cheater and you're not welcome in our community.
  15. denied

    Can you remember what you were doing to annoy @jq. ?
  16. Changed to perma' ban for this little cheeky message.
  17. Please remember a staff member didn't ban you, it was a VoteBan by the users in the lobby you were in by a majority vote.
  18. accepted

    Apparently not. Appeal accepted?
  19. accepted

    This is a mute appeal not a ban appeal, a mute you did.
  20. denied

    You were banned on the 18th of Feb, so about 2 weeks not 2 months. We really have little to no sympathy for people who voteban or votekick other people for the Lol's, it's not nice when you're on the receiving end of a ban is it? I'll tag @Frost in as he went through and got rid a lot of you votekick/voteban abusers so he can decide.
  21. accepted

    @TripleThreat @SM9
  22. accepted

  23. accepted

  24. accepted

    By Triple you mean @Frost
  25. Denied, you can appeal again in 14 days.