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    Can we please have the map rotation to just include the active duty map pool and some other regulars like nuke and stuff. Its so annoying to get the map move to a workshop map or an old/not updated map and have the server empty. I know there are some guys out there who like the nostalgia of playing old maps but its not good overall for the well being of the server. You want the server to have as many people in as possible as long as possible to keep a thriving community right? Thank you, RedLine
  2. These maps are a joke

    1. geist


      Yes, we are all going to die because you dislike some maps. RIP.

    2. norskeN


      guy's not lying man


    This is a joke, changing to an uncommon map has dropped the server from 20+ to 14. It clearly ruins the size of the community. Some of these maps wont even load properly. We played one before that didnt even have complete textures. Please just have the active duty and some classics. People troll and vote the bad maps in then leave. Its not fun, its not professional. Its annoying.
  4. Report of STEAM_1:0:5621228

    they called me a fat jewish dog :'( people know no boundaries

    Its not a point of sucking it up... there is a reason why the active duty maps are played constantly, because they are the better maps. Regardless of what I think, having 10-14 people on a server, some of which are moaning about the map is not a good thing. Yes, we will suck it up and let the community thin out. Its simple, you want a popular server, use popular maps. Now if an unpopular server with only the minority happy is what your going for then its perfect, Include whatever maps please you. But don't expect a thriving community to last around it. Think of the majority not the minority. Who is going to help fund the sever? The community. No community will = No Server. We cant Expect Triple, SM9 etc to pay for it out of there own back pockets for 10 people to enjoy every once in a while.
  6. Alright Lads

    Nice to have another community after Maugan died :'(
  7. Alright Lads

    well if he gives me some fancy things on my profile I will haha
  8. Alright Lads

    Sodium rich diet is not good for you You are all gonna have to much salt when I am and top of the leaderboard Alright triple, I let you get some frags on me since you know being important and all
  9. Alright Lads

  10. Alright Lads

    Im pretty hurt that theres a kappa at the end, I really thought we were gonna get weird for a moment there