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  1. 3.2/3.3k hours in total including my other account, Currently selling.
  2. Have to 1v1 or atleast play sometime.
  3. FragDeluxe Punishment Appeal 05/29/17 Steam Name: Alucard Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:196605225 Punishment Type: Ban Punishment Length: Temporary Punishment Reason: Banned by vote (Reason: Suspected Cheater (Aimbot), Vote caller: blakee) Why should your punishment be revoked? Was doing insane against obviously bad players, died once or twice. Whole of the enemy team decided to voteban and then some kid on my team decided itd be funny, Its ridiculous as to the community can just happily ban someone who easily out ranks them. (Optional) Any supporting evidence - Banned me - Decided to ban another guy on my team who was trashtalking for "Cheating" Confirmation I, Alucard confirm that everything I have said here is accurate and true.    
  4. Dont think im a god. Just know im better than alot of people.
  5. Ill have to 1v1 him haha. Considering i use to be semi pro id like to think im insane. Got rank 8 on Dm server in a day.
  6. Wulfy?
  8. Alucard. CS For years. 3k hours csgo. nearly 1k cs:s I don't lose.