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    I like romantic walks on the beach but I hate romance, Walking and sand.
  1. What PC have you got?

    Intel I7-4790K 100i GTX Watercooling, Corsair I belive Asus Maximus VII Motherboard 1x 8GB DDR3 RAM Samsing 850 EVO 250 GB SSD Asus GeFroce GTX 970 (4GB) Gaming edition Corsair C750S or something powersupply Custom Sound card.
  2. This is worth checking out I guess.
  3. Team damage/friendly fire

    Agreed, Disable on pug 1 enable on pug 2
  4. Well, Im bored

    But you're my bae I introduced you to my parents, remember it?
  5. Hey.

    Sup dude!
  6. Well, Im bored

    I'm not allowed to talk to strangers on the internet
  7. What do you do too improve ingame?

    @Waka I might have some good news for you. SM9 is working on a surf server
  8. Heya <3

    I forgot to say hi, Hello you twat
  9. @TripleThreat Should be fixed
  10. Scoreboard bug

    You are supposed to see what rounds what side won in the scoreboard, but you can't. However when you go over the place where it's supposed to be you get the pop up that you're supposed to get. <-- That's what you don't see on the server.