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  1. "FIlthyFrank will be replaced"

  2. To The Future

    Skins should be (each is different suggestion) VIP Only Unlocked after a certain amount of time played with access to everyone Unlocked after a certain amount of games played with access to everyone VIP Only with restricted access to free users (only certain amount of skins allowed at the same time) Knives should be (each is different suggestion) Unlocked after a certain amount of time played with access to everyone Unlocked after a certain amount of games played with access to everyone All above should be only allowed choosing in warm-up/timeout/buy-time. When round begins Everything is unavailable for everyone Everything is unavailable for free players I think this is very fair. People who join, get a knife and a skin and then be toxic should not even be playing on this server hence everything should be earned. They play on FragDeluxe and in return they get access to stuff. Now this is just a suggestion but I was thinking that if someone surpasses something big, something that only really hardcore FD players get. They should awarded a free month of VIP. Its kind of a thank you to people who spend this much time on FD servers. THIS IS JUST A SUGGESTION and it is something that will have to be thought of really hard IF its concept is approved.
  3. Alright, I found out about it couple days ago that you can choose a knife for each team and I think its a good change but what irritates me is the menu. I type in a knife and then I get asked what team I want to have it. Id suggest having a setting in the menu where you can choose between Ask which team I want the knife for. Do not ask which team I want the knife for. Now I get the point that its just a small press of a button but in the long run it does get irritating. Its just a small suggestion I think would benefit the knife menu just a tiny bit.

    not sure if my hours are qualified but worth a try STEAM_0:0:61067520
  5. Content Poll #1 - Choosable Models

    it can be tinkered with, doesnt mean its gonna stay that way.
  6. im bak in business but with a private profile so i cannot play on fragdeluxe #rip

  7. Content Poll #1 - Choosable Models

    when i suggested it, people didnt like it, when owners put a poll up, everyone (almost) agrees. overall i think its a good thing but to keep it for vip's only is i guess kinda restricting. it can be an exclusive thing like music kits but then-again that is gameplay changing so maybe for vip's there are more models to choose from? for example normal users can choose from each category but are restricted to one (meaning that they can choose the map theme but not the model itself from the map model pool) and vip's can choose which model they want. i think this would be a good idea
  8. what videos should i do

    leave the suggestions down below, i also have a couple of ideas in mind just in case anyone is interested

    guys ok i just pulled off an amazing ace and it was so funny because i may have gotten killed but omg how funny it was, anyways i need a very good song pls. reccomend me a good song with a good base at what point, please do the following form YouTube Link: Audio Download Link: or you can just reply a youtube link and tell me to use it. either way works.

    @kurt laserbeam that one is cool @lynxzyyy i dont really feel the first one but the second one is dope, i am trying to find a solution to the first one, it is a good song when listening casually not for background. @norskeN thanks for the submission but fade is such an overused song that i currently hate it.
  11. what videos should i do

    sorry for offensive signature, im willing to change it if its trouble or something like that.
  12. it shouldnt be spam, well the video itself in this video was from failarmy but its on my channel so its kinda my video at some point.
  13. Got any award ideas? Post 'em here.

    if they get like (example incoming) monty, frost, monty, kurt, monty then if u gather like 10 u get a special prize, if monty, monty, monty, monty u get an even more special prize
  14. I'm sorry

    im just here to make people feel good. i dont want any harsh feelings around here. FD was and will be a great community and its up to us to direct it that way.
  15. Thanks

    As it is sad to see you go I do completely understand that. You were a good moderator but since you think this is right for you, we can only accept it and leave you with your life. We dont control your life whatsoever and if you think this is the right thing to do it is. have this good beat to start your adventure (im late for that i think)
  16. I'm sorry

    i was gonna write an emotional speech but i dont know how to write it, heres the start of it if anyone wants to know "From my point of view you all f*cked up, no one is perfect and ever will be, we are humans, we make mistakes, its up to us to make the mistakes good. @SM9 you aren't a bad guy, you gave us the community what you've built up with @TripleThreat and the rest of FD Staff. I know what you go through under people saying it can be done easier etc. I do the same thing, I do what I know from my experience, its their opinion, you are who you are and your knowledge is what you have learned, how you use it is up to you. If you have learned to do stuff like 2+2+2+2+3 and others have found 4x2+3 its not your fault and neither its theirs. Its what makes you, you. Dont let anyone take you down because you coded something differently (i know nothing about coding). I understand the point of @JavaFreak too, testing stuff on public servers. That is something you should take care of. If something happens to not work then there are consciousness." thats what i wrote. i have a feeling that i understood something wrong here so apologies for that. but i think that the point i tried to make should appeal for this situation too in case it was wrong. but right now i think you guys should talk out the things what bother you face to face (if possible, if not use skype with voice, voice is important in this part), no texting, no replies to topics. if one of you says that "you are a c*nt because you did this and that and i didnt like it" then take it with a grain of salt, take it as a learning point. thats what one of the sides feels about the current situation. and i believe that @SM9 has to talk to @JavaFreak and @RESI separately. you guys own an apology to each other. now take my reply with a grain of salt because as i mentioned i have a strong feeling i got something wrong here but the point im trying to make here should appeal for this current situation. with much love, hans.
  17. yeah they fixed it now. i read that a long time ago xD
  18. As of right now I understood that it ONLY works with AMD GPU's. I might be wrong here but thats what it said (recently) on the offical website.