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  1. Introduction

    Greetings I´ve been playing on FD servers for quite some time now but it hasn´t untill recently that I found out that you guys actually have a good working forum so I figured I should join it. A little bit about me: I´m from Belgium, played CSS on a crappy pc when I was younger and jumped into CSGO in late 2012 but only started playing serious in late 2014. I play 99% on my main account, being =Stealthy= and rarely on my other account (but if I play on it it´s mostly just DM or FD) which is =ReapeR=. I´ve been playing casual for about 2 years when I joined CSGO but after that I have been playing MM mostly untill a few months ago. Now I´m playing FragDeluxe or Faceit or hosting my own private comps which are always lots of fun (if we are with enough people that is). Also I stream sometimes (EDIT: https://www.twitch.tv/br_stealth ) and during streaming I often play on FD servers so I put a reference in my description I think that´s it for now, I have met a few of you already in the game and I hope I can meet some cool people here!
  2. Team suggestions

    Greetings I've noticed there is a FragDeluxe Team Member badge yet I have not seen the team. Does it already exist and if yes, who is in it?
  3. Team suggestions

    @norskeN You wish @Frost So if I have it correctly there are still 2 spots open?
  4. hello

  5. The 3-word story game.

    That ate humans
  6. Senlin's introduction

  7. Should I buy the train pin?

    Well if you have a fixed income I don´t think the price bothers you that much, but I still think it´s a lot to pay for something estethic
  8. Regarding staff activity

    Yeah that would be nice to have, also give these people the power to kick people from the server and send them to the Skin Server (it happens still too many times that people are spending rounds choosing skins in the 10 slot servers and it irritates me...) Also what is needed to enter the Staff Applications?