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  2. 3dsmax for the win. Its a portal to .fbx and thus all game engines
  3. What did you do them on Burdman? I do a lot of 3D modelling so if you want any tips or help feel free to ask
  4. Death Cam

    Just cheated on FD by playing on a french server. Death cam was actually pretty good. Thought it might be cool to implement on the FD community servers? Would help answer a lot of the "How the F did I die?" type questions
  5. Map Pool Update

    I will mourn the loss of zoo
  6. Map Pool Update

    Still think a "other" map server might be a good idea. Put the best of the non-comp maps on it for people who want to play something other than the normal cycle
  7. best map in the history of CS...

    de_zoo for its educational qualities, also lots of rat runs
  8. Anti Block Script

    Also allows you to run through enemies, through grenades while inside ppl, thus effectively dropping them at your feet. All in all having played 2 maps with them on, I would prefer them off
  9. Watermelonbook

  10. Final fixing of the FD map pool

    Going to post this here, as its probably the right place. I would like to see some of the Operation Blood hound maps, as afaik they all worked and flowed well even with large numbers. Perhaps each large player server could have na operations map pack? #1 Active Duty + Maps RESI mentioned #2 Active Duty = Blood hound #3 .... tbh I wasn't around for the maps before blood hound so can't comment on them. Zoo was my favourite though, as there was so much to learn about the animals
  11. MAPS

    Hi all, so I noticed that there are a whole bunch of new maps on the servers. If I am going to be completely honest most of the ones I have been on in the last couple of days aren't great. Instead of just moaning I thought I would suggest something. Have a server that has all the operation bloodhound maps on. I thought almost all of them were well finished and played well. Zoo being especially good for its informative and educational aspects. I didn't have CS:GO for the previous operations so can't speak for the maps that came with them, but if they were all good perhaps each server could have an operations set of maps? That way we don't have too many maps on each server, and people can choose. Added bonus would be that the servers could be named after the map pack they carry. #1 CS:GO #2 Blood hound #3 Phoenix ... It would also help to decide which map packs were more desirable. As the srevers that were always full would be the ones people wanted to play. Well thats my thoughts on the matter. all the best Steve
  12. evenin'

    Hi Frag Deluxe community. I started CS during my A lvls not sure what version exactly but it was pre 1.0. Played enough to reconsider my life choices, so stopped until just recently when my only obligation is VR and AR studies. Posting this just to say thanks to ppl on server 1, you guys been friendly and entertaining. regards Steve (WileKat)
  13. evenin'

    Very friendly thanks guys
  14. General Discussion 404

    A general discussion thread without 404?
  15. What're you listening to right now?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6ih1aKeETk Tycho for when looking for head time is over