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  1. Mix!

    Falcon I think your getting better at mixes, jus keep makin more and eventually just move onto producing your own music and we cool, make FD a theme song.
  2. "You're the biggest problem on FD"

    Manggo has always been a tosik player. he's a nerd benji com smoek some weeds with me
  3. [Accepted] ✪FipYyNh0's Punishment Appeal

    FRAGDELUXE PUNISHMENT REVIEW Hi, After investigation, we have decided to accept your punishment appeal. However, further infractions may lead to harsher punishments in the future. Important Notes Before going any further, please take the time to read over our Server Rules & Guidelines. Having a history of infractions may affect your eligibility, should you decide to apply for a staff position. Being a repeat offender will lower your chances of successfully appealing in the future. Regards, The FragDeluxe Staff Team.
  4. [Accepted] ✪FipYyNh0's Punishment Appeal

    Hi FipYyNh0, Your steam ID is: STEAM_0:0:156179967 You were muted because you were mic spamming voice and also using a voice changer, you had thought it was funny to be immature and therefore you are suffering from the consequences. I had warned you to not use a voice changer and I had also asked you politely to quieten down, you had apologised but then again you had kept mic spamming. I can reduce your mute to another week if you can prove to me that you won't be "immature" again and mic spam. Appeal Accepted
  5. Trusted

    Don't feel like this will be a good idea, just seems like a [Mod] but with another tag. Honestly if this idea ever gets implemented i'd rather like to see players that have been around for atleast 6+ Months and also have a good reputation for being active and responsible etc. For example someone like who wasn't good enough for Moderator but is still a good candidate etc.
  6. We were meant to have a 1v1 aim tournament before, but that got postponed and I honestly have no clue about what happened to that, but this sounds like a good idea, +1.
  7. Falcon (Panda Remix)

    falcon got quite the voice
  8. Hello I guess...?

    Welcome, Hope to see you on the servers sometime
  9. +1 i'm seeing too many players run around burst firing glocks to get kills
  10. u alright

    dont edit my posts thansk
  11. u alright

  12. u alright

  13. u alright

    someone edited my fucking post HAHAHAH
  14. Reinstroducing the new pd

    Porn Delivery?
  15. Mod

    u will never get mod
  16. give me ur dlore noob
  17. http://plays.tv/video/5820bbd25e19d7d27f/masters-cant-even-get-one-kill-on-me-im-so-cocky?from=user I like this one more
  18. http://plays.tv/s/LA7hJaW1YAi3
  20. Fuck off upvote whore
  21. ✪ valk's Punishment Appeal

    Hi Valk, Your ban was temporary for 2 hours and it has now expired. You are free to rejoin the FragDeluxe servers and de_stroy some noobs. Have Fun
  22. So I got CS:GO'd

    omg u r a shit dude
  23. Yo bois

    Welcome to the forums. Have fun
  24. Howled

    mg1 matchmaking