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  1. Vaffe's Punishment Appeal

    FragDeluxe Punishment Appeal 10/31/16 Steam Name: Vaffe Steam ID: DNo Punishment Type: Ban Punishment Length: Permanent Punishment Reason: Spin hack Why should your punishment be revoked? I spin hacked (Optional) Any supporting evidence I Hacked Confirmation I, Vaffe confirm that everything I have said here is accurate and true.
  2. This needs to stop .....

    Not trying to act righteous in any way, I am simply here to provide a Neutral stand point so this doesn't turn into a Personal attack / witchhunt towards SM9 because he may or may not have made a wrong decision. As I've also stated I agree with Norsken and Java, that the ban was wrong but wanted everyone to understand that you might think you're right in your case, but are not always, this is speaking both sides. If you wanna bad-mouth me for that, so be it (-:
  3. This needs to stop .....

    No need for personal attacks, doesn't help your case. I do want @SM9 to read through the thread and try and understand the different arguments people have regarding your ban and then re-evaluate if it was the right choice considering the circumstances. No need for this kind of trolling Jake. Please keep it constructive (-:
  4. This needs to stop .....

    Very good post @dv8. I agree with your points. Don't get me wrong guys, I do agree on your points that SM9 might have overreacted, but I wanted to shed some light on as to why he might have done so. As the original Ban was 6 hours but ended in a Permanent because of Norsken being emotional about his ban, and I don't blame him, as he stated he played here for nearly a year. I do hope however I made folks think twice about their banter as everything can be taken wrong and out of context if you havn't got the whole story. But also Mods/Admins think twice about their banning aswell and if it truely has a valid reason, I.E Helium voice is not a valid reason (-: Keep it Neutral instead of Personal, this is my best advice. I don't like big pop servers, so I migrated to 5on5 servers, that FD to my luck also has, if I so happen to boot up the old lady we call CS:GO (-:
  5. This needs to stop .....

    Maybe he knows who you are and what not, but calling something you've spent years of time and money on creating and building called retarded, be it banter or a joke, is probably not something that should be spewed in public, not everyone here knows you Norsken, new players come and go everyday and might leave because of this statement alone, for the simple 2 reasons: 1) Said person doesn't know you. 2) Didn't get the full context, thus not understand that it is a joke. Besides, this is not about previous bans. I've been here since the beginning mate and totally irrelevant to the matter at hand. (-:
  6. This needs to stop .....

    Oh boy. Now I don't play very often on FD but im just gonna put my 5 cents into this, so here goes: I understand that Norsken & Java is upset about this and rightfully so, it sucks getting banned. Now the reason this ban got triggered was Norsken called out FragDeluxe retarded. Now it might have been a joke and banter like this is normal stuff for some people, it might not be so for other because of difference barrier, be it cultural or language. SM9 saw this string and didn't like it, thus issueing a 6hours timeout and to be honest rightfully so. Lets see it from SM9's standpoint for a moment here guys, you put your money and time into creating this community and people throw off "this is retarded" etc. Now if I were in SM9's position I would have done the same, regardless of status of the user. Even if lets say 5 people see this as "fun" and "banterous" that might not be the chase for everyone and I would suggest keeping this in a private channel instead of slurring it out in public, as whenever its a joke or not, can be taken by offense if you're not getting the whole "joke", as SM9 did. Now, Norsken and SM9 had a chat about the Ban, refering to the link below. And while I agree that a Permanent ban is maybe going abit over the line, going on to harrass a staff member about the ban you got issued is not okay. SM9 tried to tell you the reason of the Ban, and I agree on the reasoning, from a neutral standpoint. However, instead of confronting SM9 about it while emotional about the ban, I would suggest going to the Ban Appeal section instead, as I don't really agree on special treatment While I agree on some bans being unjustified I.E banning youngsters because Mods/Admins doesn't like their voice, that thing could maybe be worked on. *DISCLAIMER: Now I havn't experienced this myself, it is only what I myself have been hearing. On another note: No person should be treated special, regardless of V.IP, Regular, Admin, Mod or any other title. I agree on the fact that mods who doesn't issue a warning before ban (Depending on the offense ofc), should probably do so, to give the user a fair chance to know, that what he did, is not okay. But giving out special treatment to people is not the way to go. And toxic people should be dealt with, don't get me wrong, but I don't enjoy playing when I have a person screaming down the mic that I didn't pick him his AWP or something similar. The rest of your points I agree on. Thank you and I hope this shed some light on some points people might have missed (-:
  7. Bug reports

    You have a formula to complete for "Appeal a Punishment" and I thought it would be a good idea to implement something like that to the "bug report" section aswell, something along like this could be included: Type of Bug. What Caused the Bug. Where Did you encounter the Bug. Can you reproduce the Bug, if so how. Please provide footage/pictures of said Bug. Basically, make it abit more of an "effort" for people to report bugs that are actually worth the effort to fill in the different aspects of the bug, thus make it easier for developers and users alike as it will be found & fixed quicker when you have a way to reproduce it and a better idea of where to look when given as much info as possible. Im sure more can be added to list to flesh out bugs. but this is just a quick suggestion that has popped up on my mind.
  8. Flusha says; don't mess with recoil, keep it as it is out of the box, i.e standard CS:GO
  9. plz watch my knew video!

    really nice video. That ace was sick! also that smoke kill.... Not saying your hacking, but that looked wierd as hell buddy.. really rocking that awp, keep it up!
  10. Rust, when will I go higher up in rankings? I have been your trustworthy minion for eons now, I would like a promotion :kappa:

    1. Frost


      and you will stay that way peasant faffe

    2. Monty B.

      Monty B.

      I smell a conspiracy.

      de_alpine can't melt steel beams?

    3. kurt laserbeam

      kurt laserbeam

      de_alpine cant hold two of every animal

  11. Rate my M4 skin

    Ah okay I see, I misunderstood this part then =) Thank you for clarifying!
  12. Rate my M4 skin

    @Monty B. its flipped 180 degrees on the M4
  13. Rate my M4 skin

    https://www.google.dk/search?q=galaxy&rlz=1C1ASUM_enDK625DK625&espv=2&biw=1920&bih=979&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj3kvSFh7nLAhVlD5oKHSLyDWQQ_AUIBigB#imgrc=_KW9w4yj0jse_M%3A It appears to be copyrighted material you're using. Try making your own as this will only end badly for yourself. @Nofsy Not sure if I misunderstood it or not - but advising to go the same style as hundreds of other skins (I.E hyper beast) will make it harder to get chosen into the skin pool that makes it into the game. It needs to be original and going same style as others is not original, so choosing a nebula kind of style is new and original, sadly the material applied is indeed copyrighted and not made by the OP.
  14. Rate my M4 skin

    This skin can get in CS as a red as it is original. Going full copy on the Hyperbeast is not only redundant and boring, but also doesn't make it stand-out as there are tones of "hyper beasts". So what he has going on here is original. If it does turn out to be a google skin there is that. I advise you to go on a trackback on other skins the game currently have. It doesn't need to be a full bling CoD rip-off to make it in - Sometimes being simple is better than over do your work. =).
  15. 1 Year of FragDeluxe

    I remember this ! Oh Frost!
  16. Rate my M4 skin

    Looks very nice! Though it feels like something is missing on the handguard =). Keep it up man!
  17. So I went onto #4 with Friends only Profile and did not get kicked. As far as I know I should not be able to do so. =).
  18. Private Profile Plugin Kick

    I wasn't VIP at the time when this occured @TripleThreat. So not sure if fixed =).
  19. Thanks

    Can I have your spot?
  20. Hey guys I found this guide some time ago and decided to follow it. I therefore suggest checking it out if you want that 0.01% advantage in competitive play =). -> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=586234273 Rest will improve your overall PC's performance and make it slightly smoother. NOTE: Don't jam Digital Vibrance all the way up, find what is comfortable for your eyes, it is however nice to check it regardless as I found mine on only 50%

    #Contribooty n'
  22. Geist's CSGO Tweaking guide

    I have to disagree with you on this one and would like to know what makes you say that it does not give better performance. Higher priority means that processing of a task will be advantaged over low-priority tasks. If you're running an application that you require to be very responsive, and a bunch of other non-interactive processes for example, priorities can ensure a better experience with your high-priority process. Though by having a high-end processor (which most is for CS:GO) This is not really needed. But for example; putting Battlefield Bad Company 2 to high priority on my old wooden potato made me able to play it with a more playable FPS, same with GTA 4. Closing down unnessary processes can also improve FPS, like skype running in the background if you ain't gonna use it for your play session etc. But this is mostly only for those on Wooden potatoes and for the most part laptops (Shame on those of you who play CS on laptops!) Besides that you've done a good job putting together this list =). While we're at it, here are some binds /nifty things you can add if you like; (Like yours, but only shows name and not "player:" Infront) developer "1" con_filter_text "Damage given" con_filter_text_out "Player:" con_filter_enable "2" (Didn't see a jump bind, so excuse me if I have overlooked it (hold down fire button, while holding press X)) alias +jumpthrow "+jump;-attack" alias -jumpthrow "-jump" bind x +jumpthrow (Disabling freezecam gives you a little more time at spotting where your killer went off to, rest is just personal preference) cl_showloadout "1" cl_teammate_colors_show "2" cl_disablefreezecam "1"
  23. @geist Putting up digital vibrance can in some cases improve visibility as colors will "pop out" more and you can distinquish things quicker (imo) from eachother. It does however needs abit getting used to if your screen is set to 50% like mine was =).