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    counter strike, the best game ever with perfect hit reg and its realism. interest are reading books (such a nerd), table tennis and would love to play a musical instrument such as drums.

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  1. Pistol HS-DM + More FFA DM Servers

    i agree with mango a rifle only server. everyone just camps in dm
  2. u alright

    aj losing the plot. how high are you lol
  3. FragDeluxe Punishment Appeal 03/04/17 Steam Name: medusa Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:19317252 Punishment Type: Communications Mute Punishment Length: Permanent Punishment Reason: toxicity Why should your punishment be revoked? yoyoyo it has been way over 1 month since i have been permanently muted and i have learned my lesson after having flashbacks I remembered that I have been an absolute prick to people and some might have took it as a joke while others took it to heart. I am sorry for hurting anyone or offending anyone if i did do that and would like to be given one last chance. the past is the past and people change as they hit something called puberty ye learn something new everyday, not to mention i have never been racist and if i have actually said something racist without knowing than i'm sorry for that too, if you choose to deny this appeal i understand why and cannot argue as to why im still muted peace. (Optional) Any supporting evidence i don't know if this counts as supporting evidence but i have been in team speak with certain people (not going to name people) and not sure if they even want to see me unmuted :C but i assure you i have piped down a lot during these 2 months. Confirmation I, Medusa confirm that everything I have said here is accurate and true.
  4. Best round of counter strikes

    that doom viewmodel though
  5. Yo bois

    it was a badly made joke sorry i failed
  6. Yo bois

    welcome to hell, i hope you enjoy you're stay and be careful of toxic people.
  7. FD - The movie

    this was amazing. ''shut the fuck up, stop fucking gagging your microphone down your throat'' the best bit.
  8. Roast me + Giveaway

    no limits huh. btw i don't care about the mp7 that not what i am here for. you look like justin bieber. enough said
  9. Report of "Frost"

    lmfao ''meme intensifies' love that. put him in exile, lock him up feed him to the dogs.
  10. i got forced to do this. IT WAS AGAINST MY WILL
  11. FragDeluxe USA

    im in more of my level
  12. Hello.

    you had a sandwich without bread. oh boy can't wait to meet you on the server also does you're mouse stink of cheesy feet, please give me an insight on this as I would like to try this out in the future. thank you for cooperating with medusa airlines
  13. Staff Application Results

    retired mod
  14. halp me

    yo bro play with me, ill make sure to rage super hard so you get tons of viewers. tell me how far to go and i will go to lengths to complete it

    voted for myself jk i voted some guy named brain g was that you?