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  1. Team Flashes

    Thanks for the replies, i agree with frost that it is bound to happen naturally as it is a 28 slot server it is just the rate in which they occur which is usually around 2 or 3 times a round if they do not cause you to die. I found a thread on allied mods with the same question being asked and a plugin being shown to see when a team-flash occurs ** https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=232915 ** which may or may not help with a solution. I think even just a public message in the chat when over 4 of your own team mates have been flashed would be useful to allow mods to more clearly see and have evidence of players consistently team flashing. Tbh this was an in the moment suggestion after dying to a team flash 5 rounds in a row so i can imagine logistically this would be a pain to be implemented and could cause more harm than good with the chat being spammed with team flash messages
  2. Team Flashes

    Team flashes have to one of the most annoying things on Frag Deluxe community servers right now. I can't tell whether this is due to a lower skill level of some players, simply not caring if you team flash people or griefing. I have some suggestions that could help with the situation (bare in mind I know very little in terms of what can realistically be achieved in the coding side of CSGO servers): A flashbang ban, (similar to ESEA) this could either be implemented by mods for known team flashers or an automatic flashbang ban for the next few rounds if too many team mates are flashed by you One flash per player, now this would suck because it is very hard as T side to do anything without utility but then again it could make it easier as you don't get team flashed when you try and peak anything A black/white screen effect, what I mean by this is if a player flashes too many teammates at once their own screen would also be flashed to the same effect as the other players. Now I can see this system being abused by griefers but it was just a suggestion. A ranking decrease, everytime a player team flashes another a notification pops up to tell oblivious players what they have done and showing a rank decrease to deter future team flashes Ty for reading this and would enjoy hearing any suggestions or criticism to these points.

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