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  1. birdman's Punishment Appeal

    FragDeluxe Punishment Appeal 08/15/17 Steam Name: The Problem Burdman Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:74882622 Punishment Type: Communications Mute Punishment Length: Permanent Punishment Reason: says 'racism' in post but 'obscene language' in logs Why should your punishment be revoked? So i know that the respond of nofsy was ''Please do not appeal this punishment as it is definite and non-negotiable.'' but i feel like i have the right to defend myself. Now first of all in the post you say that you banned me for racism but when you go into the comm blocks you can see that i was muted for obscene language, these 2 things are majorely different. After looking at my ''racisme'' the only things close i found was this ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14 Aug 2017 14:00:40 knee grow FragDeluxe :: Community [EU] #1 - !ws, !knife -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This on the other hand is used by many fd players as a sort of ''meme'' as you might say and if you are going to silence me for it you might aswell silence 1/4 of the fd regulars. Now if we go to the ''obscene language'' reason you might find this to be obscene language ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14 Aug 2017 13:32:34 try it again pussy FragDeluxe :: Community [EU] #1 - !ws, !knife 14 Aug 2017 13:32:31 ou got lucky bastuum FragDeluxe :: Community [EU] #1 - !ws, !knife ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These things are completely taking out of context since me and falcon where on discord and we where supsicious of this guy that was fishy, so falcon went into spectators and tried to ''trigger'' the guy into rage hacking , wich worked and falcon perma banned the cheater. ( @Falcon please confirm this, now im not dragging falcon into this and wanting him to defend me , i just want him to confirm this ) Now probably the biggest reason for the perma mute is my history of mutes wich we shall disect now. ( https://www.fragdeluxe.com/sourcebans/index.php?p=commslist&searchText=STEAM_1:1:74882622&Submit ) 1. now the first mute is from monty B. this was a 10 min mute and i must say was deserved since i went off on a guy for shittalking the server and his reason says it ''that doesnt help either'' 2. and 3. These are both session mutes wich the first one took about a total of 30 seconds therefore the reason he silenced me for the second session, now the reason for these are not stating by Ki but if i remember correctely me having my old webcam mic i accedentaly sneezed mid sentence wich my mic picked up as an immense earrape wich led ki to silence me. 4.this again is a 10 min ban for using the musical instrument known as the harmonica wich for some people seems reasonable and i also see a 10 min mute as a good warning. 5. this is a ban from one the owner as i was a little to toxic at that time and 1 week is again a good warning against toxiccity 6.then we have the mute that caused the next mute wich is geist muted me for 10 min a spam of wich sort is not given in the reason but 10 mins are reasonable 7. then we have a perma mute from one the then admin now senior admin if im not mistaken nofsy who muted me for a month for having more then 8 mutes wich i didnt btw but again i appealed and he understood that perm was to long and changed it to a month wich i apreciate Now as an end note i again want to say that nofsy did not show any evidence in his reason and his reasons even differ from his post to his silence reason in the loggs. I would like to see wat the reason where or what nofsy saw as a reason to perma mute me . Sincerely Burdman (Optional) Any supporting evidence Well for that one chat log i geuss i would like falcon to confirm it. Confirmation I, birdman confirm that everything I have said here is accurate and true.
  2. FragDeluxe Player Report 08/14/17 My Steam Name: Burdman Accused Steam Name: VG ™ ✪ ---OBWBO--- Accused Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:154342145 Rules Broken: Ghosting Explanation & Evidence Today i was playong on the 5v5 competitve server #5 when suddenly a teammate started ghosting me and my teammates as seen in these chatlogs 14 Aug 2017 21:02:25 doors FragDeluxe :: Competitive [EU] #5 - !ws, !knife, !gloves 14 Aug 2017 21:02:23 squieky FragDeluxe :: Competitive [EU] #5 - !ws, !knife, !gloves then follow by these smiley faces 14 Aug 2017 21:02:39 FragDeluxe :: Competitive [EU] #5 - !ws, !knife, !gloves 14 Aug 2017 21:02:31 FragDeluxe :: Competitive [EU] #5 - !ws, !knife, !gloves then in the following round he ghosted again 14 Aug 2017 21:03:53 hes connect FragDeluxe :: Competitive [EU] #5 - !ws, !knife, !gloves after confronting him this was his excuse 14 Aug 2017 21:07:25 he was behind the thing FragDeluxe :: Competitive [EU] #5 - !ws, !knife, !gloves 14 Aug 2017 21:07:17 i was telling you were he is xd FragDeluxe :: Competitive [EU] #5 - !ws, !knife, !gloves but that couldnt be true since i was exactly where he gave the ''callouts'' then he went afk in spawn and when i asked im his answer was 14 Aug 2017 21:06:41 im trying to get that fucking hyper beats FragDeluxe :: Competitive [EU] #5 - !ws, !knife, !gloves could you please deal with this man and punish him for disturbing the 5v5 competitive community Sincerely Burdman Confirmation I, birdman confirm that everything I have said here is accurate and true.    
  3. Trial Moderator Announcement [05/08/2017]

    congrats to everyone and see u next year hehehe
  4. New Mix

    Use this in ur next remix
  5. Bye bye Melon.

    ill always love you. Good luck streaming and playing and have fun getting to e3 next year. See you on the streams
  6. Awesome Mix Vol 1

    me no loike diss type of music, but atleast it aint a ban appeal
  7. Hello FragDeluxe Community!

    Welcome! hope to see you on the server soon
  8. I doodled while playin fd

    I was drawing sum random shit while playing fd yesterday , i decided to finish it today and upload it becuz its something else then ppl complaining about fps or appeals.
  9. Trusted

    lmao people still mad against resi, welp the servers are ded atm but i kinda understand your idea but there would be allot , and i mean allot of spamming and if you dont like a guy just mute him i geuss and i think votemute and gag are okeh but kicking is kinda to much, and how long would you say the mutes and gags would last?
  10. i bought faceit premium yesterday and it started good but now dis is happening , can anyone else who uses faceit premium tell me, is it normal to be matched with such bad ppl on faceit premium (yes i actually search for 5v5 premium im not dumb)
  11. Frag Deluxe Community Night 5v5 Tournament?

    new headset new me
  12. Frag Deluxe Community Night 5v5 Tournament?

    can i join plox
  13. I made diss

    dis is cringy
  14. I made diss

    I dont know whats cringier the meme or cryzlers and wulfys memes
  15. I made diss

    ur just a party ''pooper'' haha get it because you know ur a poop and .... i said party pooper ......he
  16. So here i am back again begging harder then cutting people are begging for attention nowww there is this contest to win an omen pc and me beeing the poor sucker i am i entered by posting this rage video : http://indi.com/8whz5 all im asking is for u guys to like it and maybe even share it on social media to help me poor ass , we almost did it with the keyboard giveway lets succeed now (im contacting some well known people to boost but every point counts) btw you collect point or like those flames by people sharing liking or people liking your share on facebook or liking and for example sharing it again on twitter and so on help meh out plz bbys
  17. Sup guys

    hey i like penis
  18. Report of "Hardy" STEAM_0:1:41980331

    just becuz i upvoted it it doesnt mean i hate you
  19. FragDeluxe Player Report 04/11/17 My Steam Name: Burdman Accused Steam Name: Shroot Accused Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52332120 Rules Broken: Inappropriate Language Explanation & Evidence So it was very hard finding all the members of this gang as i call who are all shit talking everyone else and ruining the mood in the server but im gonna find them and get them out of the community one by one may i show you some examples -2 Apr 2017 16:49:02 stop talking to me you third world piece of shit -2 Apr 2017 20:34:30 did anybody say anything to you, foreign little cunt. -5 Apr 2017 17:10:22 stop talking to me you foreign retard -2 Apr 2017 16:45:35 you molested little foreign piece of shit -2 Apr 2017 16:45:51 learn my language and maybe i will and so on , i hope youu guys can punish this individual and help keep the server clean, more reports coming up Confirmation I, birdman confirm that everything I have said here is accurate and true.
  20. FragDeluxe Player Report 04/11/17 My Steam Name: Burdman Accused Steam Name: aint shook Accused Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:42573295 Rules Broken: Inappropriate Language Explanation & Evidence So i almost forgot about reporting this guy but i was on the server a few days ago when he joined and pretty much kindof off the bat started provoking other people and pretty much ruined the mood at the time he does like to use the word ''faggot'' quite allot as seen here and looking at his chatlogs it wasnt only that day he ruined the mood -13 Mar 2017 19:06:08 ur gonna look back at life when ur 45 and realise how much of a faggot u are 1tap -27 Mar 2017 21:42:57 u got to be a raging faggot -5 Apr 2017 19:07:58 rs is actually a faggot lmao and so on -6 Apr 2017 17:35:29 that disabled spastic is u but he was obviously under influence of drugs -7 Apr 2017 22:15:05 too high for this thank you for your attention and i hope you guys can sort this out Confirmation I, birdman confirm that everything I have said here is accurate and true.    
  21. birdman's Punishment Appeal

    FragDeluxe Punishment Appeal 03/25/17 Steam Name: Burdman Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:74882622 Punishment Type: Communications Mute Punishment Length: Permanent Punishment Reason: having a total of 5 mutes Why should your punishment be revoked? So..... prepare ursefles for the second best apeall ever so first of all 2 of my mutes i see as invalid the first one is a silence from ki that lasted like 1 min because it was at the end of a map like the last round and the other one was a joke from dv8 hence the unmute about 10 secs after. Second of all i never remember seeing or hearing a warning from geist to stop my "spams" before muting me and resulting into my fifth mute and resulting in the perm mute , i do think that the mute was for immitating a steamboat using my harmonica also known as a mouth harp,French harp or a panpipe, but yeh im asking for a unmute. btw in some whay i want to thank you guys for the mute since it made me stop playing fd and made me lem but i wanna enjoy playing fd now and doing it silent just isnt the same (Optional) Any supporting evidence Confirmation I, birdman confirm that everything I have said here is accurate and true.    
  22. here is a painting i made and one i'm working on