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  2. Каппавеалтн's Punishment Appeal

    1) This is me, just give me a way to prove it, and i will. 2) There are 15 common friends? https://gyazo.com/1718b0242d3b56354d3e70d6dd29a3d6 3)Yes, the "fag" comment was written by my friend, because this account was his before. 4)About the common names and stuff, I really don't want people to see, that i have 2 accounts 5) How is the IP different, if the kaker account got also banned on FragDeluxe for ban evasion ?
  3. Каппавеалтн's Punishment Appeal

    My original steam account ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/guix1337 ) does not have any bans on it and i have never intended on using them here aswell. I have 2 accounts which makes it about 800 hours in csgo, 300 hours in 1.6 and another ~1000 hours on my main account Yep, i find it funny aswell :D, yeah i guess there's no reasoning behind that.
  4. Каппавеалтн's Punishment Appeal

    After this, I seriously don't understand what's going on, I'm only fucking MGE and i'm being accused of having aim, not only wallhack? Seriously i'm laughing so hard right now and I have a feeling that my ban wont be even lifted because everyone, almost everyone expect my friend who i was playing with in the server thinks that i am a filthy cheater.. I totally feel like this is 1.6 over again when you actually can't play like you want to because some people will instantly think, if someone is playing pretty well they must be cheating. Locking on heads? this just sounds so ridiculous to me! I'm assuring you, everyone in this whole community. I, Kappawealth, Have never cheated on CS:GO and i never will. All that is left for me is to believe that atleast someone else has faith in me.
  5. Каппавеалтн's Punishment Appeal

    Okay, I have now nothing else to say to defend myself, It's all up to you if you want to keep me banned or unban me. I hope i will be judged fairly and that you will be understandable, that good days happen sometime and when they come, I really enjoy them and kill people with my filled with happiness, of salty players who accuse me of cheating. It doesn't look that my chances of getting unbanned are pretty high right now, but i still can hope for the best! Edit : I can also gurantee to you that my steam account will never be VAC/OW banned (CS:GO). Final edit : For everything to be more understandable, I want to state my points, to why I should be unbanned/taken a look at. A cheating accusation should not end up in a permanent ban. As example in Overwatch cases, to state that the person you're observing is guilty, you have to be 100% sure of cheating ( Evident beyond a reasonable doubt ) My original steam account ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/guix1337 ) does not have any bans on it and i have never intended on using them here aswell. As previously said DaveZ suspected me of cheating and he was 100% sure of it, but after he saw me play (as a teammate when he had died) I didn't seem so suspicious anymore. Lucky/good days happen and these may seem like someone is cheating, but in that case it's good luck happening more than one occasion on a single day!
  6. Каппавеалтн's Punishment Appeal

    Ok, that's understandable but if you actually weren't sure that I was 100% why was it supposed to be a permanent ban. At the start in Dust 2 you just said that the people who call me a cheater just have to stop crying, so i thought that you believe that i was actually clean. I mean i would be very grateful if i could get an unban, actually even DaveZ thought that he's not 100% sure when he spectated me in the cobble game. (In the Dust 2 game he was 100% sure eventhough he was on the opposing side and never saw me play.)
  7. Каппавеалтн's Punishment Appeal

    So I saw that since you banned me for 6 hours, you weren't 100% sure that i was cheating? Why did the ban turn permanent now since you weren't sure. @kurt laserbeam By that I mean that I have cheated before, but that was only in 1.6 when i was still a young boy and didn't understand that it might be fun for me but it's ruining the game for other people.
  8. FragDeluxe Punishment Appeal 06/23/2016 Steam Name: Каппавеалтн Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:59439509 Punishment Type: Ban Punishment Length: 6 hours Punishment Reason: people accused me of cheating Why should your punishment be revoked? Because I was not cheating/hacking during the period while i was playing on your server. All players accused me of it, and i was proud to be called a cheater. Today was a very good game for me and killing people in this server appeared very easy today.. (Optional) Any supporting evidence Confirmation I, kappawealth confirm that everything I have said here is accurate and true.