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So i'm bored and i decided to present meself to plebs who dont meet me as much on the servers. My name is Aharon Hovsepyan ( plz no fb stalking) but you guys know me as burdman the desk smasher i just turned 16 today and i live in Belgium but i am Armenian but i was born in Switserland (long story) i've lived in Belgium most of my life (14 years now) but still me and my family have not yet recieved belgian passports, we lived ''illegaly'' in belgium for about 10 years but we do have an residence permit now.

My hobbys are drawing (wich you guys have seen in my earlier posts) and mostly gaming ofcourse.   I go to a school for digital arts film and entertainement in a city not to far from mine, it takes about 45 mins on the train every schoolday to get there. 


So thats about it  guess i'll see you guys on the server and the 1V1 Tournament

till a next time burdman out

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