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This section of the forum is for ban appeals only, by reading this thread you are agreeing to adhere to the rules of this area.


If you are reading appeals you must abide by rule two.

2. Do not reply to appeals that you have no involvement in.


If you are commenting on a ban appeal where you have sufficiant evidence you may do so, what you may NOT  do is post on appeals because you want to join in,  give abuse or just have your say on the matter.

Posting in appeal you have no involvement with will result in warning points added to your forum account, enough warning points will result in restricted posting or a ban from the forums.

This also applies to staff members who are not apart of the ban management group, un-needed posts will be removed and user warned appropriately.


Involvement includes;

-The person who filed a report on the appealing party.

-The staff member that issued the punishment on the appealing party.

-Any member of the Ban Management team.

-Anyone who has sufficant evidence either against or for the appealing party.


If you have any questions please private message an admin before posting.




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