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FragDeluxe is a gaming community currently based on Counter-Strike Global Offensive. We as a community aim to provide some of the best gameservers around for our players.

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Forum & Structure Update

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Update 19 October 2016

  • Forum Core
    • Forum software has been upgraded to version 4.1.16
    • Upgraded the chatbox to work with the latest forum upgrade.
  • Forum Theme
    • A lighter theme has been created, as it provides a cleaner look which is less boring to look at (You can still use the dark theme if you wish)
    • The forum category 'FragDeluxe' has been changed to a grid-style view to make it stand out.
    • All forum categories have received new icons to help give the forums some more colour.
    • Some forum categories have received 'text badges' example: 

  • Forum Navigation
    • The forum navigation bar has been modified to allow for simpler navigation
    • - Added a dropdown list for Server Related pages (Server List, Statistics, Bans)
    • - Added a dropdown list for 'Forms' to allow people to get to the form they want quickly.
    • - Changed the forum navigation bar icons to look a bit nicer.
    • Added more useful links and information in the footer of the website.
  • Server List
    • A Server List has been added to the forums to allow people to see and connect to all of our servers
    • - Allows you to view the current players and their scores etc.
    • - Allows you to connect to any of our servers.
    • - Allows you to see the overall server capacity of all our servers combined.
    • - Provides quick-links to the gameme stats of that particular server.
  • Forum Users
    • A green or grey dot will now be present next to users' name in posts to indicate whether or not their currently online.
  • Forum Users (VIP Specific)
    • VIPs have received a gold ribbon on the top right of their posts to further impose their status.
    • Fixed a bug with automatic VIP renewals.
    • Updated the product information to display the full and correct feature-list that comes with becoming a VIP.
  • Forum Users (Staff Specific, Includes changes)
    • Administrators and above have received a purple 'Ban Management' ribbon in the top right of their posts in the categories: Appeal A Punishment & Report A Player
    • All staff at or above the rank of Administrator are now responsible for dealing with all punishment and player reports, rather than a select few being chosen for 'Ban Management'
    • The original admin who punished the appealer should be the person who handles the appeal unless otherwise unable to.
    • Moderators should give their input if the appealer was punished by them but the final verdict should be made by an administrator or above.
    • Senior Staff (Senior admin or above) have precedence over the outcome of any appeal or player report.
  • Forum Structure
    • 'Accepted' and 'Denied' sub-boards have been added to 'Appeal A Punishment' and 'Report a Player' forum categories to allow for better organisation as it became hard to keep track of threads that had already been dealt with.


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