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unnecessary bans

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I know there has been alot of problems with Varion somehow, but i just wanna make a point.

Considering he got banned for being offending or toxic to an admin or whatever you banned him for.

EVERYONE is offending.

You might aswell ban everyone if you ban him for being toxic of offending to an admin.  I hear complains about the staff every day i play on frag, but no one gets banned. Then this one time Varion gets a little offending to an admin he gets perma banned, straight away cause he was waisting your time..... 

But ok, Varion writes an appeal where he apologizes for his behaviuor as you do ofc. But he's still banned, because of one admin not accepting the appeal (JQ) because Varion aparentley lied to him about having multiple accounts and saying he didnt provoke other players. JQ didnt even think that He deserved an answer to his appeal. I mean everyone provokes everyone in fragdeluxe.... you clearly dont know your community that well.. (just saying)

In my opinion this is all pathetic. Varion did something everyone is doing every day and gets perma banned??

I mean, as i said in the beginning, you might aswell ban everyone.  

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You're talking about something you know little about.

Varion has been directly and intentionally insulting and provoking our Staff for a long time, I've warned him in the past when I joined a server and saw him trying to get a reaction out of mango. He has been muted in the past multiple times and doesn't seem to learn his lesson.

The only reason he received a permanent ban is because he has broken the rules multiple times and has received numerous mutes in the past, this is NOT a first time offence or occurrence.

Each case is reviewed and dealt with separately, as the details are different every time, so no, not everyone would have a permanent ban.

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15 minutes ago, TwisT said:

ngl i just want to speak to someone who understands and wants to listen to my side of the story because it just seems really biased and all the admins are against me...

The staff have been trying to help you from the beginning, they spent a lot of time talking to you and you have only said bad things to them, so yes, I'm not surprised you feel that way. No more can be said to influence the current state of your ban.

When enough time has passed to where we feel you can respect the server rules, our staff, and our time, you may have a chance at being unbanned, but that time is not today.

I don't want to see nor hear anymore on this subject, regardless of what was said in your appeal, you may re-appeal in 1 month from now.

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