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      Moderator Applications Open   07/26/17

      FragDeluxe Moderator Applications
      Status: Open Hi all, Moderator applications are now open. If you are interesting in applying, you may do so by clicking here. Please make sure you have fully read all of the information on the application and have gone through your answers before submitting. Applications will close next Saturday (5 August 2017) Regards,
      FragDeluxe Staff.
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Staff Guidelines

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FragDeluxe Staff Guidelines




Trial Moderation Period

  • Newly hired moderators will be assigned as being on a ‘Trial’ period which will last 2 weeks. During this period, it is EVERYONE's responsibility to introduce the Trial Moderator to the basics of their role and how to use our administrative system.
  • A trial moderator still has the same powers as a full moderator, this position is here solely to evaluate each applicant before taking them on as a full member of staff.


Guidelines For Demotion



  • All staff members are liable to demotion if they are inactive for more than 7 days without prior notice or valid excuse.
  • All staff members are exempt from demotion due to inactivity if they are on a scheduled leave of absence as long as they keep to the time-frame they said they would be away.

This does not mean a staff member will be automatically demoted for being inactive for this long, this only makes them legible for demotion.



  • Any staff member may be demoted due to abuse of their powers.
  • Any staff member may be demoted due to serious verbal abuse.


  • Any staff member may be demoted due to neglect if they fail to carry out the duty of their role through internal or external circumstances.
  • Example: Not kicking/muting/banning an abusive player because they're your friend.
  • Example: Failing to attend staff meetings or community events on multiple occasions.
  • Example: Failing to visit and take part in forum discussions on a regular basis.

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