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Skin plugin bug fixes

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Hello guys, I would like to apologize about all the issues we have been experiencing with the skin plugin, It has been a nightmare to fix and hundreds of lines of codes have been rewritten over the course of a month or possibly more in order to fix the problems. Everything should be functioning correctly once again.

Here is a summary of a important bugs which have been addressed:

  • Red console spew (This happened due to the way we evade valves automated detection) We ended up finding a brand new method and got this got rid of the spam.
  • Server side lag / freezes / crashes (This happened due to Dynamically allocating objects causing memory leaks) We ended up fixing this by going back to cell arrays at the cost of increased code compile size and higher initial memory usage.
  • Skins, knives not loading / randomly changing (This happened due to a multitude of different things, mostly the Dynamic objects desyncing but the last few days was due to a code error on my part :() This has been fixed by rewriting most of the code.
  • Knife animation glitchyness (This happened due to the way we evade valves automated detection) This has been fixed with our new method.
  • Other misc fixes and optimizations have which have not been listed.

Thanks to everyone for staying loyal throughout the bad experience, Our next plans are to redesign the menu to make things even easier.

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