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      Moderator Applications Open   07/26/17

      FragDeluxe Moderator Applications
      Status: Open Hi all, Moderator applications are now open. If you are interesting in applying, you may do so by clicking here. Please make sure you have fully read all of the information on the application and have gone through your answers before submitting. Applications will close next Saturday (5 August 2017) Regards,
      FragDeluxe Staff.
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FragDeluxe VIP Core

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  • 14/12/15:
    • [BUGFIX] Prevent the FD_OnVipStatusRetrieved forward from being fired unless the client index is valid.


  • 18/12/15:
    • [INTERNAL] / [BUGFIX] Redone the SQL Queries (nested them into 1 instead of 2 queries) Should hopefully improve speed and fix VIP's randomly getting set as none VIP.


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