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hello it's me

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Hi guys, I'm sure you're all already familiar with who I am but I since I've had such a great few months on FD meeting new people and also massively improving my play I thought I should do this :>


I genuinely can't remember how long it has been since I started playing on the server but I'm guessing it's around 8 months or so by now. So of course the best way to give back to the community is to pay my dues for VIP and keep us going strong. Also you can refer to me as: Craig (if you're norsken), deviate (if you want to actually pronounce dv8), div (if you're hyper raccoon or nbk), or Luke if you actually want to address me by name. 


Anyway, thanks to SM9 and Triple and whoever else I'm missing out for hosting the community and bringing us all together  :wub:


I'm totally not drunk and this is totally a great idea. pce xo

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