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ki goes testimonial

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ki    2

hey guys,


I play on your server for let's say one week more or less, but i already purchased the VIP-Package. I played on many community server since cs:go launched, and here it all comes together ... good/funny ppl, crazy kids, good stuff, server performance, etc. ...


i played on other 128 tick server and your 2 comm servers are by far the best and with that money out of the vip system, you can do even better and sm9 etc dont have to spend all their own money on the servers (i read it somewhere before)

even in the forum, heres so many action, many ppl writing, giving comments or are just up in the chatbox...


go on like this and you have 1 more long time player on FD servers


if you find any mistakes reg. grammar/spelling, keep it and have fun with it, english isn't my native language


greetz ki

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