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kurt laserbeam


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So, after discussing this with @SM9 in detail (Finally), we both feel this would actually be a good way to promote the forums via advertisement etc for new players and to bring together everyone for a nice good ole' day of CS fun and blapping headshoots. 

So were going to do this as a serious format, more than likely best of three;

  • First to "X" on Rifles
  • First to "X" on AWP's
  • First to "X" on Pistols

First person to win 2/3 of the matches will advance.

If the scores are even at the winning amount, were going all ping pong on your arses, so you need to win by two clear points to secure the map. (Example: Game is to 15, but it goes 14 - 14 then 14 - 15. Said player on 15 would need to get the next round winning 16 - 14, 2 clear points, or will need to continue until one player is ahead by 2 points, 17 - 15, 20 - 22 etc)

We are going to HOPEFULLY have some form of anti cheat on the server, hopefully EasyAntiCheat if they will assist us with a temp license for a few days. This means you will ONLY BE ABLE TO PLAY THIS TOURNAMENT USING YOUR MAIN AND ON ANTI CHEAT (If we get the anti cheat ofcourse). Checks will be done on all accounts and players who want to join, we want a clean, fair tournament and cant be dealing with people cheating just to get a knife or a decent gun skin.

So on the topic of prizes, there are going to be some good ones on offer. This is all dependant on the amount of people who sign up to this tournament, so if it ends up being 6 regulars, the prizes will be reduced, but if we get a lot of attention, big sign ups and new people joining then these prizes are going to increase, our starting idea is:

  • First place: A Knife - Valued probably around £80 - £100 + Free VIP for a month + Forum title of choice + [Champ] next to your name when you type ingame. 
  • Second place: An AWP/Rifle of very high quality + Forum Title of choice.
  • Third: A Pistol of high quality or maybe a rifle of more middle quality (Maybe let you decide, easiest to purchase) + Forum title of choice.
  • Fourth and Fifth: Probably a free month of VIP for both.

Restrictions for joining:

Now we do have rules in relation to signing up, we want new players but we don't want tonnes of random people joining this just because some good items will be available, so try not to advertise this to your friends etc unless theyve been a player on our server.

  • 10 Hours server play time, 60%> activity. (Not just bashing 10 in a day to join the tournament, we will do checks to see if youve actually been playing and not just whoring spec for hours)
  • No VAC bans of ANY KIND in the past year (This rule will be dropped if we do get an EasyAntiCheat license, anybody with knowledge knows this WILL CATCH YOU FOOLS)
  • No League bans at all regardless of anticheat (ESL, CEVO, Faceit etc)
  • You must create a forum account.
  • You must post the Steam ID and the account youre going to use (No smurfs, mains only as stated) in this thread, you will be added to the list with that ID and youre ready to go.

This is pretty much it, rules and regulations may change and other things may change but for the time being this seems to be the generally accepted consensus for creating this tournament. So if you fancy joining to get to know more community players, maybe win some skins, sign on up.

Unlikely but were capping sign ups at 100 players (Crazy I know) as if we actually get this kind of response after advertisement, I dont feel we could accommodate anymore, hell even 100 might be too much but thats our figure for now.

We will also be advertising this as kind of a chat announcement when you join the server so that people who dont use the forums can have an idea on where to go if they want to play.

For any new players who dont know how to find your Steam ID. Join a server -> Console -> Type "status" -> Look for your name in the list -> Copy the STEAM_ and the number.

Also may be streaming this for fun if we get enough people with @aWildWatermelonAppears as our commentator whether he likes it or not.

Players signed up so far:

  • Kurt Laserbeam (Playing for pride, not prizes)
  • SM9 (Playing for pride, not prizes)
  • dv8 - STEAM_0:1:35951352
  • Xzity - STEAM_0:1:66433763
  • Megadeath - STEAM_0:0:5854658
  • BOT FoxeS - STEAM_1:0:31064671
  • norsken -  STEAM_0:0:86199867
  • RESI - STEAM_1:0:65402512
  • JavaFreak - STEAM_0:1:47805393
  • Nofsy - STEAM_0:0:145268370 
  • Medusa - STEAM_1:0:19317252
  • kappawealth - STEAM_0:1:59439509
  • fodd - STEAM_0:0:123173502
  • birdman - STEAM_0:1:74882622
  • Frost. - STEAM_1:0:130490228
  • Tom Hardy - STEAM_0:1:41980331
  • Gooly - STEAM_0:0:96244335
  • Cl1ne - STEAM_0:1:59224096
  • Dumb - STEAM_0:0:22758374
  • Rob458 - STEAM_0:1:7528414
  • DaveZ - STEAM_0:1:119664838
  • Doggy_G - STEAM_1:0:125283926
  • Aj - STEAM_0:1:124626005 
  • RSN - STEAM_0:1:159163195
  • JacobW - STEAM_1:1:129838273
  • Ethanol - STEAM_1:1:79657501
  • WileKat - STEAM_1:1:61890692
  • Gilbert - STEAM_0:1:79404236
  • Fusher - STEAM_0:1:85521521
  • versa - STEAM_1:1:110961956
  • KaWhy - STEAM_0:1:75934741
  • ody - STEAM_0:1:127589863
  • hans - STEAM_0:0:61067520

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1 minute ago, kurt laserbeam said:

We will make exceptions for people we know personally @norskenlegacy just because we obviously know you dont cheat on CS:GO, but new players wont be exempt from this as we have no idea who they are. But if we get an EAC temp license then we can make a lot more exceptions. 

sweet. sign me up then. STEAM_0:0:86199867 =]

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1 minute ago, kurt laserbeam said:

Maybe youll be able to compete then @norskenlegacy kappa sprayers are going to have a bad time in this tournament.

Im pretty worried about AWP rounds, not gonna lie. 

every 1v1 ive had so far, the rifle has been close (cuz i dont tap) but then i just go ham on awp and pistol (mostly) should be fun for me tbh

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